Sadie Robertson Reveals Her Dream Wedding Plans After Christian Huff Engagement

The Duck Dynasty member is excited for her "special" day

By Alli Rosenbloom, Cydney Contreras Jun 10, 2019 10:31 PMTags
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Sadie Robertson has a bright future ahead of her!

Now that the Duck Dynasty star is engaged to boyfriend Christian Huff, they are getting excited for the many exciting moments ahead of them. Of course, their romantic wedding is the priority, but there's no harm in creating a vision board or two for their future home. 

Sadie tells E! News that she and her beau plan on saying their I Do's before they plant roots. "We're kind of still working on what all of that's going to look like and just kind of soak in the moment of yesterday, but yeah, we'll wait until we're married and then move in and make an official home," the 21-year-old shares. 

As exciting as it sounds, the star seems slightly overwhelmed by the prospect of designing a home, so she's staying focused on the matter at hand: their nuptials. But, even that feels like "a lot to think about" for the bride-to-be.

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"As soon as you say yes, it's like, whoa, there are so many things to do," the former Dancing With the Stars contestant explains. "We're not going to wait too long because we're definitely ready to get our lives started together, so it will be soon than later, and just for the dress and the vision of it, you know, we've both, we've always wanted a night time wedding." How romantic!

According to Sadie, her dream wedding is a "romantic, elegant" nighttime ceremony, with "lights everywhere." She adds, "We just love the stars and everything."

Instagram/Korie Robertson

And it looks like they will have to choose a large enough venue to accommodate their family and friends. They only recently agreed to get married and she already says that the guest list is "huge." Luckily, she already has a "special" place in mind: her family home.

"I think it's going to be really special. We want all of our friends and family there. We both have really big families and lots of friends who are so supportive," Robertson reveals. "We had 100 people at our birthday party yesterday."

Some of her friends from Dancing With the Stars will likely join in on the fun, too. The 21-year-old tells E! News that her former DWTS partner, Mark Ballas, has basically RSVP'd for the wedding already. "Me and Mark [Ballas] were texting today, and we were like, 'The best reunion ever. We're all going to be back on the dance floor,' because he was texting me congrats."

Even her former competitor Alfonso Ribiero is excited to go down south for the ceremony! Sadie gushes, "I mean that family is like forever family."

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But no group of people could compare to the Robertson family. It's obvious that the aspiring actress holds great admiration for her clan, especially her parents. "His parents and my parents have both been married over 25 years, so just to have those examples in our lives have just been so awesome. Both Christian and I wanted our parents' support of course, but we also wanted their advice because they both were married young and they both have been married for a long time," Sadie says. "So we got together before we even got engaged went and talked to both of our parents and just said like, you know, 'Y'all have had successful marriages. We want to make sure that y'all bless this as well.'"

And it's safe to say they got their blessing. Christina went to her father Willie Robertson, as well as her mom Korie, to ask for their daughter's hand in marriage. Since then, both Christian and Sadie's parents have given them letters filled with love and encouragement. 

Sadie blissfully shares, "You can't even, you can't ask for anything more. It's awesome."

- Reporting by Brogan Kroener