Kate Gosselin's Date With a Dancer Gets Pretty Awkward All Thanks to...Beetles?

Exclusive! See what happens on TLC's Kate Plus Date

By Chris Harnick Jun 10, 2019 6:00 PMTags

Kate Gosselin is going on dates—with a camera crew. What could go wrong?

In the preview of the Kate Plus Date premiere episode, Kate is on a date with Todd, a former astrophysics student turned dancer (when he reveals that change in careers, Kate can't hide her shock), and they're dining al fresco. With outdoor dining comes bugs. Lots of bugs. And threats of bugs.

Watch as Kate spots the beetle and emits several high-pitched sounds while it's taken care of. This type of reaction to a bug is nothing new, Mady and Cara Gosselin are quick to point out.

"I think she needs a spider-squasher husband. Like, if his profession was, like, exterminator," Mady says in the clip.

Kate Gosselin Breaks Down the Difficulties of Dating

And the bugs keep coming. And the leaves. And the acorns. And the wind.

"It became this whole, like, comedy of errors. Just the bugs, beetles, the leaf that hit me smack between my eyes, the acorns that were falling on the tin roof," Kate says in a confessional.

Back on the date, the nature assault continues to disrupt any possible connection.


"There is these times where I'm not realizing as time goes on, that the kids have their own lives," she says. "Oh my gosh!"

"You will survive this. I promise," Todd says.

"It's not even a struggle, because that's not even the baggage of my life, it's just an observation," Kate says.

"No, I mean this date. Not, like, the situation you're in," Todd says.

See how it all plays out in the clip above.

Kate Plus Date airs Mondays, 10 p.m. on TLC.