Teen Mom OG's Amber Portwood Opens Up About Mental Health: "I'd Do Anything to Be Normal"

Exclusive! Get a sneak peek at the return of MTV's hit reality show

By Chris Harnick Jun 06, 2019 4:00 PMTags
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After 10 years of Teen Mom, who's to say things can't change? In an exclusive Teen Mom OG sneak peek, Amber Portwood and boyfriend Andrew sit down for a therapy session.

"I'm just super nervous. I guess I feel vulnerable right now, like really bad," Amber tells her therapist in the clip below. "I haven't really been doing very well when it comes to mood swings. Any little thing, tiny, tiny thing, will enrage me."

During the filmed session, Amber opens up about her bipolar disorder and the struggles that come along with it and borderline personality disorder. "I also feel the bipolar. If I wake up in the morning, I know damn well if that's going to be, I'm cleaning the damn house all day or I'm going to be in bed," Amber says.

And Andrew owns his part in contributing to any difficulties in their relationship, especially when it comes to understanding how Amber's feeling.

"I tend to make jokes a lot or use sarcasm…It doesn't work too well. I just need to be a bit more aware of body language or how she's feeling," Andrew says.

The counselor urges the two to be open with their communication and allow time for proper communication. During the session, Amber's therapist says there's a high suicide rate with borderline and bipolar disorder because people often don't get the proper treatment and can't handle things on their own.

"Every year I try—we've tried with medications. I'd do anything to be normal," Amber cries. "I love this man more than anything and he treats me really well, and I feel like I'm just a bad person sometimes," Amber cries in the clip.

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Teen Mom OG returns to MTV on June 10.