The Biggest Jonas Brothers Revelations in Chasing Happiness

The new Amazon Prime documentary had a whole lot of secrets to tell about the brotherly band.

By Lauren Piester Jun 04, 2019 10:00 AMTags
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Well, here we are in 2019, crying over a Jonas Brothers documentary. 

Chasing Happiness just made its debut on Amazon Prime Video and told an unexpectedly emotional story of Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas' brotherly band coming together, falling apart, and then coming together once again six years later. 

The hour and a half-long doc featured plenty of old footage accompanied by new interviews with the band, their parents, and people close to them. It also included footage of the now infamous drinking game that helped bring the band back together, and revealed a whole lot about the inner lives of three of the world's most famous brothers. 

Here are some of the biggest moments in the documentary. 

1. Nick nearly died before he was diagnosed with diabetes. He was drinking endless soda and losing a ton of weight, and when he finally went to the doctor, his pediatrician cried and told him to go to the hospital immediately. This is a bummer of a way to start this list off, but Nick recovered well and we got a hell of a song out of it with "A Little Bit Longer." 

2. The fact that the brothers were living the life of teenage rockstars and not singing in a Christian band turned their church against them and forced their dad to quit his job as pastor. That meant they lost their home, and had to move six people into a two bedroom house while they had no income after being dropped by Columbia Records. The band was playing at malls early in the morning, annoying the mall walkers, until Disney called. 

3. The Year 3000 was a song and video created and never released while the band was signed by Columbia, and when it was released under Hollywood Records, it played on the Disney Channel constantly and made the band extremely popular. 

4. Originally Joe was offered a role in Camp Rock on his own, and the boys' dad called a Disney Channel exec and suggested that they cast the whole band, which they did. While they were filming near Toronto, the band blew up in the U.S. The band had to be helicoptered into a concert at the Texas State Fair due to the traffic jam created by their fans. 

5. After he met Miley Cyrus, Nick started writing about love and "knew what it felt like" for the first time. Meanwhile, Kevin was trying to woo his future wife Danielle, and there was adorable footage of him on the phone with her while Joe and Nick tried to tell him what to say. 

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6. In a drinking game, Nick said one of his biggest regrets was Jonas season two, because the show was no longer who they were as a band. We do not regret Jonas season two, but we understand why they do. 

7. Those promise rings drove all three brothers crazy, especially because it was a thing they did as kids (because all their friends also did it) that turned them into a joke. Nick was so hurt to be booed at sporting events! 

8. Joe and Nick wanted nothing to do with Kevin's reality show (Married to Jonas), but Kevin loved the show because it was something that belonged to him. 

9. They originally got the band back together after a short break because they felt like they had to, but they all hated each other. After taking a long drive with their dad, Nick told Joe and Kevin the band was over, and Joe and Kevin were devastated. Joe said he felt betrayed and heartbroken! 

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10. After the band broke up, Joe and Nick told Kevin not to come to a show in December 2013 because they were only going to play their solo stuff, and then they ended up playing Jonas Brothers hits without him. Joe said that he felt like Kevin, who was very focused on starting his family at the time, had been holding them back, and hadn't yet figured out how to balance his family and the band, even if now he gets it a little more. 

"It took me time to understand, having someone in my life that I'll do f--king anything to see Sophie for an hour," Joe said during the drinking game. 

The brothers didn't see each other again for months, until Kevin's daughter was born in February 2014.

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11. Joe, Nick, and Kevin all say that focusing on themselves and their love lives helped them come back together, and while Kevin focused on being the best husband and father he could be, Joe and Nick both found their future wives: 

Joe on Sophie Turner: "The impact of falling in love has made me want to be a better man, a better person, and ultimately made me a better brother." 

Nick on Priyanka Chopra: "The time apart was necessary. I was able to pursue different creative avenues and experiment with life in a way I never could before. I was feeling inspired, and it led me to find something even greater than I could ever imagine: love. And this love has changed my life forever." 

12. Frankie Jonas is the Jonas Brothers' number one fan, according to Frankie Jonas. He knows every song lyric! This was revealed during the credits, which was Frankie's only interview appearance, and we'd like to demand to see the rest of his interview. Justice for the bonus Jonas! 

Chasing Happiness is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.