Gone Too Soon: The Canceled One Season Shows We Still Miss

We're mourning the loss of some of our favorite shows that were taken from us far too soon.

By Lauren Piester May 30, 2019 10:06 PMTags
Whiskey CavalierABC

It's so hard to say goodbye, especially after you've only just fallen in love. 

Sometimes, a TV show only needs a few episodes to grab our attention, even if it didn't grab the attention of enough people for a network to hold onto it, and while we've forgotten many, many of the shows that were canceled after just one season, there are a few that we'll always remember. 

We can't predict the future of course, but at the moment, we're mourning the recent losses of Whiskey Cavalier and Abby's, which was only just canceled by NBC on Thursday. Will our love last years past their cancellation? We don't know, but right now, we're feeling it. 

"Whiskey Cavalier" Stars Talk Show's Unique Title

After this brutal cancellation season, we dug back into our memories to find those shows we still miss all these years (or at least months) later. We'd be thrilled to get a second season of any one (or two or three) of them if anyone's looking to revive anything. Just saying. 

Now, before anyone wonders "how could you?!" about our lack of Firefly, we did not include shows that got wrap-up movies to give them a final ending. But obviously, we would have loved another season or six of that wild space drama. 

So without further ado, here are the one season shows we're still mourning.

Whiskey Cavalier (ABC)

This show just ended in May 2019, but not only did ABC cancel this delightful 2019 spy dramedy starring Scott Foley and Lauren Cohan, but for a second, the network reconsidered the cancellation, then canceled it anyway. That made it way, way worse. 

But of course, it wasn't the first show to go too soon, and it won't be the last. 

Abby's (NBC)

Natalie Morales starred as a backyard bartender in this sweet comedy that NBC just axed after one season, and we're not sure what it means that Natalie Morales played a main character in four different shows on this list, other than the fact that we love her and we demand justice for ALL of her one season shows. Justice for Natalie Morales! 

Selfie (ABC)

We still think about this 2014 series created by Emily Kapnek and starring Karen Gillan and John Cho on a regular, almost daily, basis. It actually hurts us to think of how it died, with half its episodes still unaired, left to be watched on Hulu. IT WAS A PERFECT MODERN RETELLING OF MY FAIR LADY AND IT DESERVED SO MUCH MORE. 

Trophy Wife (ABC)

In this 2013 ABC show, Malin Akerman starred as a woman who married a middle aged lawyer (Bradley Whitford) and then had to deal with his two ex-wives and his crazy family and honestly, it was delightful in every way. Marcia Gay Harden and Michaela Watkins played the ex-wives, and Natalie Morales was there as the BFF. Albert Tsai became a star and gave us BERTWHEELS! Was it the title that turned people off? Get past the title, people! 

Awake (NBC)

Jason Isaacs played a detective who, after a car accident, lived in one world where his son died in the accident and one where his wife died. It was dark, fascinating, and remains one of our favorite pilots of all time. NBC unfortunately canceled in 2012. 

Go On (NBC)

Matthew Perry starred as a grieving widower attending a quirky support group and we are still grieving the loss of this show, which was canceled in 2013. 

Ben and Kate (Fox)

Before she was 50 Shades of Grey, Dakota Johnson was Kate, 

The Crazy Ones (CBS)

Bet you forgot that David E. Kelley created this little gem, which starred Sarah Michelle Gellar and Robin Williams as advertising execs. The show was canceled three months before Williams death in August 2014 so it's hard to even think about a second season, but we'll never forget Kelly Clarkson in that pilot coming up with a sexy new McDonald's jingle. 

The Middleman (ABC Family)

Natalie Morales starred as an artist who suddenly found herself working as the apprentice for a mysterious superhero called The Middleman, and it was a magnificently weird and funny show that left us all too soon back in 2008.

Limitless (CBS)

Where the movie Limitless was a bit of a downer, this CBS show was extremely fun, with Jake McDorman as the perfectly lovable slacker-turned-genius. CBS canceled the series in 2016. 

Bunheads (ABC Family)

The world just wasn't ready for Amy Sherman-Palladino's ballet-themed Gilmore Girls follow up, which was canceled in 2013. Sutton Foster starred as a Vegas showgirl turned ballet teacher, and Kelly Bishop was even back! RIP to a beautiful show.

The Grinder (Fox)

Rob Lowe as a famous actor pretending to be a lawyer! Fred Savage as his exasperated brother who's an actual lawyer! Natalie Morales! There was so much to love here and Fox cruelly took it all away from us in 2016.  

Good Girls Revolt (Amazon)

Like many of the shows on this list, this Amazon show was likely ahead of its time. Anna Camp, Genevieve Angelson, and Erin Darke starred as researchers at News of the Week magazine in 1969 who had to wade through the patriarchal crap of the '60s that was eerily similar to some of the patriarchal crap of 2016, when the show was canceled. 

Grandfathered (Fox)

John Stamos as a hot bachelor who discovers he has a 25 year-old son and a granddaughter! Josh Peck as that son! Paget Brewster as the mom! How did we get and lose both this and The Grinder at the same time?! 

Sweet/Vicious (MTV)

We may never forgive MTV for canceling this badass dramedy about a sexual assault survivor who became a campus vigilante to protect her fellow students, alongside her BFF. Perhaps, in early 2017, it was just a few months too ahead of its time. 

LA to Vegas (Fox)

Fox's sweet little sketchy airplane comedy was a joy even if all you saw was Dylan McDermott and his mustache facing off against Dermot Mulroney and his mustache, but especially if you also saw the rest of the show. 

Everything Sucks (Netflix)

Everything really sucked when Netflix canceled this sweet teen drama in 2018. Peyton Kennedy and Jahi Di'Allo starred as teens in the A/V Club at Boring High School in 1996. 

My So-Called Life (ABC)

It's strange to think that this now iconic 1994 teen drama only ever had one season. Claire Danes as Angela Chase is a '90s teen girl icon, but apparently she didn't want to deal with the arduous schedule of the show if it was renewed for a second season anyway. So we can be happy with what we got, but still...another season or two would have been nice. 

Enlisted (Fox)

No joke, a tear rolled down our face as we approached this slide. Never has a military show been so adorable, so sweet, so appreciative of Toy Story and the Pixar lamp. Geoff Stults, Chris Lowell, and Parker Young starred as three brothers on the same dysfunctional military squad in Florida, surrounded by delightful weirdos, and we miss them every day. 

Forever (ABC)

It genuinely makes us sad to watch CW shows online and see the ads for this on CW Seed (because there's still only one season). Back in 2014, Ioan Gruffudd played Dr. Henry Morgan, an immortal medical examiner in New York who worked alongside his adopted son (Judd Hirsch), who was now decades older than Henry looked. Every time Henry died, he woke back up naked in a river. It was a very good show and it was a crime to cancel it. 

Freaks and Geeks (NBC)

For how iconic this teen show has become and how stacked that cast was, it's wild to remember how the series was treated back in 2000. Three of the 18 episodes didn't even air on NBC with the rest of the series, and were only seen when the show aired on Fox Family a year after it had premiered, and the actual final three episodes aired four months after the previous episodes. Rude, honestly. 

But at least in the years since, Seth Rogen, Busy Phillips, Linda Cardellini, James Franco, John Francis Daley, Jason Segel, Martin Starr, Judd Apatow, and Paul Feig have all gotten their revenge.