A Combative Mama June Rejects Family's Intervention in Intense From Not to Hot Sneak Peek

Exclusive: See what happens when the reality star's family comes together to urge her to get help

By Chris Harnick May 31, 2019 7:00 PMTags

It's come to this for Mama June.

In the above exclusive sneak peek of the season finale of Mama June From Not to Hot, the reality star is rebuffing intervention attempts. Dr. Ish Major and Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon are not going to let her get away that easily.

"If you touch me, I swear to God," June tells Dr. Ish as he attempts to keep her from leaving.

"Your daughters are here to talk to you. You gotta hear what they have to say," Dr. Ish tells Mama June.

While he never physically touches her, June still feels the need to threaten a 911 call. Inside, Alana Thompson—Honey Boo Boo—and Jessica "Chubbs" Shannon console each other with Aunt Doe Doe.

"You've got a house full of people who love you here," Dr. Ish tells June outside.

Pumpkin does her best to reason with her mother, but June is not having it.

"Your daughters are here, people you know are here, you've got a family of folks who love you, darling, and they just want you to hear what they've got to say," Dr. Ish tells June.

"You guys be on some f—ked up s—t, Pumpkin," June says. "Y'all be doing some f—ked up s—t, I promise you that."

Dr. Ish says June looks scared, so what is she afraid of?

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The intervention, which was filmed, was at the direct request of Mama June's family. June was arrested for alleged possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia. Along with Pumpkin, Alana, Jessica and Doe Doe, June's niece Amber was at the intervention that took place at Doe Doe's house. June's boyfriend Geno was not at the intervention because he was not invited by the family. Ahead of the intervention, WE tv aired a special, Mama June From Not to Hot: The Road to Intervention, featuring Pumpkin and Doe Doe and the crew detailing June's physical spiral and her arrest.

The season finale of Mama June From Not To Hot airs Friday May 31 at 9pm on WE tv.