How Jenelle Evans and David Easons' Relationship Is Impacting Their Custody Battle

The Teen Mom temporarily lost custody of son Kaiser and daughter Ensley

By Cydney Contreras May 29, 2019 9:37 PMTags
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New details are emerging about the type of environment that David Eason and Jenelle Evans created in their home.

As the pair fights to regain custody of their three children, Kaiser, 4, Ensley, 2, and David's daughter, Maryssa, a picture of their family life is slowly coming to light. It was previously reported that Kaiser prompted Child Protective Services' involvement by speaking with his school counselors about the drama going on at home. Now, a source close to Jenelle tells E! News, "David and Jenelle fight often, it makes sense that Kaiser is afraid of [David]."

"Everything that has happened with Jenelle losing the kids is directly connected to David and his behavior," the source alleges.

At the moment, Kaiser, Ensley and Maryssa are in the custody of their respective caregivers, with Jenelle and David only being allowed an hour of supervised visitation a week. This is a temporary decision until the court can determine a permanent plan for the kids' care.

However, it appears that those close to Jenelle do not think it is likely she will regain custody because of her tumultuous marriage to David. The source shares, "As long as Jenelle stays with him, she will not be able to move forward, with her career or with getting the kids back."


The source close to Jenelle claims that David has "made their home a scary place to be."

In regards to the ongoing custody trial, Jenelle told E! News, "I'm working on my family at this time and not answering any other comments."

The recent events surrounding her family is taking a toll on the reality star, with a source previously telling E! News, "This was never expected. She is exhausted."

Despite the controversy, Evans does not seem inclined to divorce her husband. She previously said in a statement that she plans on seeking marriage counseling instead of parting ways with the man accused of murdering their French bulldog.