Kylie Jenner Reveals Daughter Stormi's Favorite Grown-Up Food

The famous youngster is only 1, but already has A-list taste.

By Samantha Schnurr May 27, 2019 10:54 PMTags
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While Stormi Webster is only 1, she already has A-list taste. 

Such was revealed thanks to the tot's famous mom, Kylie Jenner, whose recent sushi date with gal pal Heather Sanders popped up on Sander's YouTube account on Sunday. 

During the vlog, the friends enjoyed some dishes together at Katsuya as Sanders tried sushi for the first time. Meanwhile, as Jenner explained to her pal, she's been eating sushi since middle school—and it seems she's passed down some of her tastes to her daughter. 

"Stormi loves sushi," she told Sanders before clarifying, "I don't feed her anything raw."

Stormi Webster Takes Fashion Cues From Mom Kylie Jenner

However, the makeup mogul noted she takes her 1-year-old daughter to famed Japanese eatery, Nobu, where the youngster likes to dine on edamame and rice. 

"She just loves edamame. They'll bring the whole thing of edamame. She will not stop until they're all gone," she said of Stormi. "She'll eat a whole bowl of soy sauce rice."


More than a year since she gave birth to her first child in February 2018, it seems Kylie and Stormi's mother-daughter bond continues to get sweeter.

As she wrote for Mother's Day earlier this month, "The best thing I've ever done, my greatest role in this life."

Cheers to countless more sushi dates for Kylie and Stormi.