Amy Schumer Documents Her Baby Boy's First Bath With Sweet Photo

See the pic and other images of the actress and comedienne's best mommy moments.

By Corinne Heller May 25, 2019 4:13 PMTags
Watch: Amy Schumer Documents Her Newborn Baby's First Bath

Now that's the look of a happy—and exhausted—first-time mom.

Actress and comedienne Amy Schumer posted on her Instagram Story on Friday night a photo of her holding and feeding her almost three-week-old son Gene Attell Fischer a bottle of milk in the bathroom, while standing alongside husband Chris Fischer. The baby is wrapped in a towel, the couple's clothes are partially wet and near the floor of their shower rests what appears to be a baby bath seat or tub.

"First bath no problem," Schumer wrote.

It was likely Gene's first proper bath, as a newborn is typically given a sponge bath or bathed lightly in a sink or a container every few days in the first few of weeks of life until their umbilical cord stump heals.

Amy Schumer Reveals Sex of Her First Child

See the pic and other photos of Schumer's best mommy moments:

Getting Real

"Being his mom is heaven on earth and also means a constant feeling of guilt and vulnerability I will never get used to," the star wrote on Instagram in February 2022. "Your heart feels like it's outside your body and you're too old to drink the feelings away like you used to. When you were in love and scared. Send help!!!"

Happy Fourth of July

The star takes her son on a holiday walk.


"Happy Pride babies!!!" the comedienne and actress wrote on the day of the NYC LGBT Pride Parade.

Sleepy Time

Schumer shared the clearest photo of her and Chris Fischer's son on June 29, writing, "Here is our son Gene. He likes looking around and laughing at his toy the black and white butterfly. Always down for a nap and a good cry if the poops are on the reg he wanted me to tell you guys he wants you to volunteer or donate here @immfamtogether."

Happy Family

The happy parents match with their son and dog.

Birthday Cuddles

The star enjoys some snuggles with her baby boy on her 38th birthday.

Family Nap Time

"I recommend this," Schumer wrote on her Instagram Story.

Baby's First Bath

The actress and husband Chris Fischer give their son Gene, almost three weeks old, his first bath.

No F's Given

"Sending out love to the moms shaming me for doing standup last night!" Schumer wrote on Instagram alongside this pumping photo, hours after she was criticized for doing a comedy show, two weeks after her son Gene was born.

Pump It Up

"Guys what are we doing tonight? #schumerpump #ootd @stassischroeder," she captioned this Instagram photo, posted two weeks after the birth of her son.

Keeping It Real on Mother's Day

Schumer shows the not-so-glamourous part of giving birth (difficulty going to the toilet, for one) as everyone coos over her newborn in the hospital, in this photo posted on Mother's Day 2019. Many moms, including celebs such as Jenna Fischer and Snooki, praised the star for keeping it real.

All Worth It

"Ok here's my post baby annoying post and my takeaway from pregnancy," Schumer wrote alongside this photo. "Women are the s--t. Men are cool and whatever but women are fucking warriors and capable of anything. I was lucky enough to get to have a doula."

"I did Pilates with strong women and went for walks," she said. "I threw up violently and felt sick mostly every day of my pregnancy. Hyperemesis is real and it's awful. But fuck, what they say is true. The second you give birth it's gone...All my friends. Friends I've had for 30 years or people who encouraged me to "keep going" or telling me "it will be worth it". Thank you. Every woman I encountered is so willing to help and advise you and I felt all their strength. And you were right. Thank you ladies from my family. Chris, Gene and of course Tatiana #titsleaking #wearingadiaper."

First Mommy-Son Selfie

"New kid, who dis?" Schumer wrote.

Baby's First Photo

Schumer gave birth to her and husband Chris Fischer's first child, son Gene Attell Fischer, on May 5, 2019. A day later, she shared this touching photo of the two with their "royal baby," who was born hours before Meghan Markle and Prince Harry welcomed their own first child, son Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor

Schumer has posted several photos of her child since his May 5 birth, as well as photos of her pumping breast milk for him. She has also dealing with mom-shaming for the first time; many people criticized her for returning to the comedy stage earlier this week, so soon after giving birth. She took the negative comments with stride.