Jessica Simpson

Kevin Mazur/ Getty Images

Jessica Simpson's trying to take the focus off her ass and put it on more important matters by jumping on the Rihanna bandwagon and talking about domestic abuse. Jess told her concert audience last night that she's been in an abusive relationship, and tho she won't name names, do we really need her to?

We can count out Nick Lachey since she seemed more than happy to walk away from that overexposed marriage. And J.S. prolly doesn't even remember dating Dane Cook (we barely remember ourselves). It couldn't be John Mayercould it?

John, ya know, the dude who openly blog-bitched last year to an "ex lover" to "find someone who can put up with you"? The press-loving Mayer man who breaks up with his most recent squeeze right after she flaunts him at the Oscars? And the same guy who made this down-to-earth Texan gal do all sorts of stuff—in the bedroom, as well as in all sorts of other dank, depressing places—she wouldn't have done if she truly respected herself?

Whoever J. Simp's abusive BF was, we're happy she's with Tony Romo now, who stands by his gal even through Momjeansgate. That's a guy for keeps.

—Additional reporting by Becky Bain

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