PLL: The Perfectionists Is Putting Alison On a New Journey For Now, But Emison Might Not Be Over

Showrunner I. Marlene King says Alison and Emily may still be endgame, but Alison gets to do some growing in the meantime

By Lauren Piester May 22, 2019 9:54 PMTags
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The murder mystery isn't the only thing about Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists that fans have been obsessing over. 

From the moment the spinoff was announced, starring only half of series-ending Pretty Little Liars couple Alison (Sasha Pieterse) and Emily (Shay Mitchell), there's been concern over whether they were still together. They started the series together and married, but by about halfway through the season, Alison was signing divorce papers and taking off her wedding ring, and even exploring a date with another professor. 

It's a devastating ending for fans of #Emison, but it may not actually be the ending. It's just where the story needed to go for now both to help Alison grow and to allow the show to function without one half of a central couple. And honestly, doesn't Alison deserve a chance to explore a life outside of her high school relationships (and that one guy who was secretly evil)? 

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"I don't think it's the end of the story, and I think it's possible that Emison is going to be endgame, but I think it's only fair to Alison that she gets to go on a journey in this world and where she ends up...I would say it's still possible that she finds her way back to Emily in Rosewood, but she has to go on a journey first," creator I. Marlene King told E! News over the phone ahead of the finale. 

Without Shay Mitchell on the show, Emily and Alison's divorce felt kind of inevitable, and King knows that it's been hard to accept it, but Alison's got a lot of life to live now. 

"We knew it was a bitter pill to swallow, but she couldn't have a love interest that wasn't on the show right now. It's unfair to the character, really," King says. "So yeah, it was a necessary thing to do, and I know it's heartbreaking for some fans, but I hope they open up their minds and their hearts to go on this ride with Alison, and know that they may live happily ever after in the end, or she may find somebody fans love even more than Emily." 

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If you think about it, Alison has been through a lot. She's been manipulative, and she's been manipulated herself, and she's been taken advantage of and emotionally destroyed and she's done a whole lot of things she'd surely like to forget. Maybe she really deserves to have some time on her own, with a whole new group of people, to figure out who she is and grow a little more. 

Sure, she's right back in a murder mystery among death fakers and cheating and lying and faculty sleeping with students and a lot of the same jazz she's been dealing with since she was like 14, but now she's a wise grown-up who's done this before and knows what it takes to survive, so why not let her explore a little grown-up romance along the way before she and Emily maybe find their way back to each other? 

Everyone on these shows has been through a lot, and they deserve to live a little. 

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists hasn't yet been renewed for a season two, but trust us, after the season one finale, you'll be clamoring to find out what happens next. 

It airs tonight at 8 p.m. on Freeform.