Michelle Obama Laughs Off Sleeveless Controversy

The focus comes back to her bare arms in Mrs. Obama's first televised interview as first lady

By Jennifer Cady Mar 13, 2009 6:07 PMTags

Recently, Michelle Obama has been getting a ridiculous amount of attention over her vast collection of sleeveless dresses. The first lady has been showing off her toned biceps for Vogue, People, her official White House portrait, inaugural balls and any other time she can.

Arguments against Mrs. Obama's arm baring have ranged from it being too unseasonable in the winter to people aghast at what they deem too informal or sexy. It has also led to a slew of irritating article titles, like "Michelle Obama's Right to Bare Arms" or "Michelle: Armed and Fabulous."

We're not the only ones who think the attention is a bit unnecessary. Dressed in a white tee and belted black cardigan that covered her controversial arms, Mrs. Obama laughed off the whole "scandal" on today's interview with Good Morning America. When asked what she does to relax, the first lady said her morning workout is relaxation time.

Robin Roberts offered this compliment: "Well, we see the workout is doing very well for you," hinting at the toned biceps. To which Michelle Obama quipped, "Well, I covered my arms up today."

Zing! Point goes to the first lady. Now maybe we can focus on the things she's trying to do, like help the nation's military families. Or not. In which case we can look at all her pretty dresses in this Fashion Spotlight gallery.