The Big Bang Theory Series Finale: A Pregnancy, a Slap, a Surprise Guest, and One Emotional Sheldon Cooper

CBS' long-running comedy has come to an end after 12 seasons.

By Lauren Piester May 17, 2019 1:14 AMTags
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"You won a Nobel Prize. I slapped Sheldon. A lot of dreams came true today!" 

The Big Bang Theory has come to an end, and not since Grey's Anatomy trapped half its characters in a blackout have we had such a strong reaction to an elevator arriving. They fixed it! Just in time! 

The hour started with Sheldon and Amy awaiting the call that would tell them if they won the Nobel Prize, with Leonard mostly excited that he had permission to slap Sheldon if he fell asleep. He ended up getting to slap him when he wondered if he was dreaming after he won the Nobel Prize, and it was basically the highlight of his life (until another thing, maybe).

As Amy bought herself a makeover with the cash from the Nobel Prize and reporters started hounding them, Sheldon started to panic over all the changes. It took a tipsy pep talk from Penny to help him out of it, and two months later, he was basically ready to head to Sweden for the award ceremony. But of course he was a bit of an ass about it, even forcing his friends to sit through a lesson about how to behave around Swedish people. 

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Two months later, we also learned that after that tipsy pep talk, Penny went home and "attacked" Leonard, and now they're pregnant! They didn't plan to tell their friends for a while, but the news came out on the plane to Sweden when Sheldon got worried that Penny's constant bathroom trips meant she was going to give him a terrible disease. 

When Sheldon couldn't care less about the news or the fact that Howard and Bernadette were having trouble being away from their kids, they all were close to just going back home until they decided they wanted to see Sheldon win his medal anyway. 

And Amy told him the truth, that he's a terrible person who ruins everything unintentionally, and the unintentional part is the only reason anyone tolerates him. So when he got up on the stage, he put aside his 90+ minute speech about himself and instead had each of his friends stand up so he could talk about how much he loved them. 


Sure, it was a ridiculous speech to use to accept a Nobel Prize, but it was beautiful nonetheless. The finale then ended with the whole gang on the couch, eating Chinese takeout, while we worried slightly that Raj had Sarah Michelle Gellar held hostage somewhere after becoming "friends" with her in Sweden. But hopefully Buffy is fine. 

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The Big Bang Theory Series Finale

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