Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas

Are the Jonas Brothers the biggest band in the world? Because I think they are, and my family says no.

Hate to burst your 11-year-old bubble, little person, but your family is right. The Jonas Brothers are nowhere near the biggest band in the world, even when they are appearing on giant IMAX screens that make Kevin's boingy hair look eight miles high.

Currently the biggest-band title clearly belongs with...

...U2, according to Billboard magazine's Keith Caulfield. "Their album just debuted at No. 1 across 15 different European countries, as well as No. 1 in the U.S."

Last year, the three biggest bands on the planet were, in this order: Bon Jovi, the Police, Rascal Flatts—and then the JoBros.

How is it that Diddy can say he doesn't think domestic violence is OK, but yet he offered his house to an abuser? How does that make sense to him?

Please bear in mind that this is the same person who kicked people out of his white party for wearing ivory. Diddy makes his own rules. Only Diddy knows them, and good luck finding them in that massive head of his.

Thanks in advance! Are celebrities paid to appear on talk shows, even if they're not promoting a movie, record, etc?
—TotallyTea, via Twitter

Depends. If the celebrity is doing a talk show to promote a charity or some pet cause, there is usually no pay. However, according to AFTRA, if no charity is involved, and the talk show is longer than a half-hour, the star gets a basic rate of $774.

I keep hearing Lauren Conrad is out of The Hills. When did this come about, and how come I can't find articles on it?!
—RitaMeterMaid, via Twitter

There are like 8 billion articles about this on our site. Start here.

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