The TV Bloodbath Begins: Keep Up With All the Renewals and Cancellations So Far

Mid-May is the time when all the networks lay down the ax, and it's brutal as always

By Lauren Piester May 11, 2019 12:57 AMTags
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What a time to be alive and also a TV fan. 

Networks are cancelling and renewing shows left and right, almost too fast for one person to keep up with. Life in Pieces? Blindspot? American Housewife? The Bachelor? The Passage??? 

It's a lot, and we get it, and we're here for you. To help you not go crazy, we're going a little crazy and keeping track of every renewal and cancellation that has so far been announced ahead of next week's big Upfront presentations of all the new shows ready to take the place of all the canceled shows. 

Renewed or Canceled: TV Show Fates Revealed

As always, in our Renewed or Canceled gallery, you can see every bit of TV news that has been handed out so far. 

Below, you can see all of the shows that have been renewed or canceled or the shows that are still awaiting judgment, and will likely face it over the next few days. 

Spoiler alert: If you're looking for any shows on The CW, you can rest easy. They didn't cancel a single show this year, and they're also adding three new shows, because The CW loves us and just wants us to be happy, probably. 

The other networks? No such luck. 

Scroll on down and take a look at the news so far! 

The Village (NBC)

A disappointing debut didn't really course correct in the key 18-49 demographic. It could go either way.

AP Bio (NBC)

Ratings fell between the first and second season (the first was not well-rated), so don't expect to return to school here.

Abby's (NBC)

Ratings are not on Abby's side here.

The Enemy Within (NBC)

NBC's newest conspiracy drama is a strong performer on DVR, but has shed viewers as weeks went by.


Viewers should feel bad for not watching this comedy.

Earlier: This comedy never got additional episodes from NBC and is as good as canceled.


NBC renewed the drama for three more seasons, but won't say if season six will be the last.

Earlier: By no means will This Is Us get canceled. Renewal is coming, and rumors indicate it'll be for multiple seasons.


The fifth season will be the last for this drama. 

CANCELED: The Cool Kids (Fox)

Despite strong ratings and an acclaimed cast, Fox pulled the plug on this sitcom.

Earlier: Expect these Kids to come back.

CANCELED: The Passage (Fox)

One and done for this series starring Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

Earlier: Despite fan-favorite source material, Fox has yet to renew The Passage. Ratings fell after premiere, but remained pretty stable after. Could go either way.

CANCELED: Proven Innocent (Fox)

Case closed for this Kelsey Grammer legal drama.

Earlier: Despite star power, it's not looking good for this legal drama.

CANCELED: Lethal Weapon (Fox)

After countless headlines, Fox gave the show a lethal injection.

Earlier: A renewal is unlikely here. As ratings fell, Damon Wayans said he was leaving the show...Despite walking back some comments, the future doesn't look good.

RENEWED: The Orville (Fox)

The Orville will remain in flight.

Earlier: Ratings took a nosedive in season two. Is Seth MacFarlane enough to keep the show afloat?

CANCELED: Star (Fox)

Star will not return to Fox. 


David Boreanaz is back on the watch.

Earlier: Military dramas are CBS's bread and butter, it'll be back.


The remake of the classic show and movie of the same name will return for a third season.

Earlier: Shemar Moore's police procedural will likely return.


Despite the controversy, Bull rides again.

Earlier: Michael Weatherly's drama was at the center of some controversy, and ratings have fallen. Enough to warrant cancellation?

RENEWED: Madam Secretary (CBS)

The drama starring Téa Leoni will return for season six.

Earlier: Possibly the network's last "prestige" drama, Madam Secretary has some very famous fans. It's been hailed for its accurate portrayal of politics. If it comes back, it could be as a final season victory lap.

RENEWED: Hawaii Five-0 (CBS)

Season 10 is happening!

Earlier: This CBS drama is getting long in the tooth, but ratings are still strong for the Friday-night show.


Lucas Till crafted his way to another season.

Earlier: It takes a lot for CBS to cancel a show, so this will likely be back.

RENEWED: Man With a Plan (CBS)

He's back, with a plan.

Earlier: Matt LeBlanc's sitcom you probably forgot he had! It'll likely return.

The Code (CBS)

This drama starring Dana Delany just premiered to decent ratings, but the jury is still out on renewal chances.

CANCELED: Murphy Brown (CBS)

Murphy Brown will not return after just one new season on CBS. 

CANCELED: Happy Together (CBS)

CBS has said goodbye to this comedy after just one season. 


This comedy only lasted one season at CBS. 

CANCELED: Life in Pieces (CBS)

The fourth season will be the last. 

CANCELED: The Kids Are Alright (ABC)

The kids may be alright, but the show is not.

EARLIER: ABC's family sitcom brand is strong. Strong enough to get this show another season? TBD.


Case closed for this legal thriller.

EARLIER: This new drama from Marcia Clark is definitely on the chopping block.

RENEWED: Grey's Anatomy (ABC)

ABC handed out a two-season order to the medical drama.

Earlier: ABC is not going to cancel Grey's Anatomy, it just hasn't formally renewed the series for season 16.

RENEWED: Station 19 (ABC)

Grey's showrunner Krista Vernoff is taking over, so expect more crossover.

Earlier: With Shonda Rhimes at Netflix, ABC is likely going to keep as many of her shows around as possible.

RENEWED: How to Get Away With Murder (ABC)

Season six is coming!

Earlier: If and when ABC is ready to let Viola Davis go, they'll likely play up the final season of HTGAWM.

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