All the Details on Jax Taylor's "Epic" First Bachelor Party

The Vanderpump Rules star is set to wed Brittany Cartwright this summer.

By Corinne Heller May 10, 2019 8:35 PMTags
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Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor partied with about 40 of his friends, including Lance Bass, at the first of two bachelor parties as he counts down the days until he's a married man.

Taylor, 39, and Cartwright, 30, announced on Instagram last June that they had gotten engaged. The two are set to wed this summer. On Thursday, Taylor and several of his close friends celebrated his upcoming nuptials.

"My friends from the last 15 years came out and surprised me to celebrate," he told E! News exclusively. "We had a blast last night- round two is tonight! We went around town in a party bus, I have the best friends a guy could ask for. I'm lucky... Miami is next for my friends that couldn't make it. Can't wait!"

2019 Celebrity Engagements

Taylor posted photos and videos from the party, which took place at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, as well as on a party bus, on Twitter and on his Instagram Story. 

The Guest of Honor

Taylor heads to his bachelor party.

Mirror Selfie

Strike a pose!

Guess Who?

It's Lance Bass!

Naughty Snacks

"Boobies everywhere," said Lance Bass.

Now Is the Time at Jax's Bachelor Party When We Dance

Taylor pretends to get frisky with an inflatable monkey.


We can't even talk about.

Cake Time

A cake fit for a "Bachelor Beefcake."

Party Bus

Bottoms up!

The Meaning of Marriage

...as presented by some special guests.

So Money

The party was so money and he didn't even know it...until the next morning.

Thank You for Being a Friend

One of the best ways to end a party.

Jax was presented with a "Bachelor Beefcake" cake adorned with a photo of him on the cover of Men's Health. There was a banner reading, "Same vagina forever" and raunchy decor like a red counter bell bearing the words, "Ring for blowjob," and boxes of "gummy boobs" and "gummy undies." And plenty of blow-up dolls and other...objects.

"Thank you to all my friends that could make it out to my LA bachelor party," Taylor wrote on Instagram. "What an epic epic night from what I can remember, saw so many faces last night, it's amazing how many great guys I have met in LA in the last 15 years!! Been through hell and back with all of you and I love you all so much, you are my brothers and you always will be!!! Missing a few, but I know they wanted to be here, so we decided to do another one in Miami for those guys!!! ( like we needed an excuse to go to Miami)"

"I love you all and now I need a new liver!!!" he said. "Thanks for putting Golden Girls on for me last night when I went to bed, who ever did that. Attention to detail, that's why I fricking love you guys!!!"


He added on Twitter, "Barely survived my LA bachlore party!! My friends, I don't know if I love you or hate you right now.... what happened last night? #jaxdiditwright"

—Reporting by Jessica Finn