What You Need to Know About Paradise Hotel

Host Kristin Cavallari talks signing on to TV's newest reality show revamp

By Lauren Piester May 09, 2019 10:30 PMTags
Watch: Kristin Cavallari Says "Paradise Hotel" Reboot Has "Everything"

Time to check in to Paradise Hotel

The reality series premieres on Fox tonight, a revamped and modernized version of the reality show that ran on Fox in 2003. The show is filled with sexy singles who are all competing to stay at the beachy resort by coupling up. If they don't find a partner with whom to share a hotel room, they have to leave, and then another single arrives in their place. 

The show starts with 11 singles, and over the next few weeks in real time, we'll watch them compete for love, money, or both, with viewers also able to play along by using social media to try and influence what happens and who goes home. 

Kristin Cavallari, star of E!'s Very Cavallari (which has its season finale this Sunday), hosts the series, and while she says she would never have done a show like this when she was single, she signed on to host because "this show literally has everything." 

Paradise Hotel: Meet the Season 1 Cast

"It's incredibly dramatic, it's sexy, it's fun, there's so many twists and turns that as a viewer, you're just going to be on the edge of your seat the entire time," Cavallari told E! News when we visited the Mexico set of the series. 

She says the updated version of the show is "more modern," and has better haircuts, but it's mostly the same wild show it was in 2003 aside from that social media twist. 

KCav will be responsible for "stirring the pot" on the show, since she's the one revealing the eliminations and introducing the new contestants. 

"I'm the person that's delivering some of the news, or all the twists and turns will come from me, so I'm gonna have a lot of those moments of the contestants going like, oh my god," she says. "I think also the producers want me to infuse my personality and I don't know, call some people out if they're lying or whatever it might be, so I'm excited." 

As with all the most scandalous reality shows, the alcohol will be flowing. 

"The main focal point of the resort is the bar, and it's sort of what you do when you come to Paradise," Cavallari says. "And I think too, just for the contestants, coming into a new situation where you don't know anybody, especially after being quarantined for a few days, they're gonna want to get after it. So it's a little dangerous." 

Speaking of those contestants, they sure are ready to get after it, whatever that may mean. Some are here to compete for money, some are here for love, and some are just here to have a good time. You can meet them all in the video below!

Watch: Meet the "Paradise Hotel" Contestants Checking In

Paradise Hotel premieres tonight at 8 p.m. on Fox.