Where Does Shadowhunters Rank Among TV's Best and Worst Series Finales?

You voted, and now it's time to compare.

By Lauren Piester May 08, 2019 10:59 PMTags

Shadowhunters has officially come to an end. 

The Freeform series ended after three seasons and 55 episodes on Monday with everything a good series finale truly needs: a wedding, a first kiss, a major death, a battle win, a time jump, a sacrifice, and a bit of hope. Clary's shadowhunter memories had been erased, but clearly not completely, because she could see and recognize Jace, who had been looking after her. 

It was a bittersweet conclusion to the series after a devastating cancellation, but it was also basically a two and a half-hour movie that wrapped up the series in what felt like a pretty satisfying way. (That Malec wedding though...just a delight.) 

But that's just us. It's time to find out what you thought. 

TV's Most Controversial Series Finales Ever

After the finale, we asked you to vote on whether you loved or hated the episode, and then we ranked the episode alongside other series finales that viewers have voted on. In our poll, 66.06% of you said you loved it, which is pretty good! Definitely in the upper quadrant of series finales! 

If you'll scroll on down, you'll be able to find out exactly where Shadowhunters ranks among the other series finales that E! News readers have voted on. 


Loved It: 30.9 percent
Loathed It: 69.1 percent

No. 46 (SECOND WORST OF ALL TIME): The Good Wife

Loved It: 31.3 percent
Loathed It: 68.7 percent


Loved It: 33.42 percent
Loathed It: 66.88 percent

No. 44: Big Love

Loved It: 34.01 percent
Loathed It: 65.99 percent

No. 43: How I Met Your Mother

Loved It: 36.87 percent
Loathed It: 63.13 percent

No. 42: Seinfeld

Loved It: 42.63 percent
Loathed It: 57.37 percent

No. 41: Weeds

Loved It: 43.49 percent
Loathed It: 56.61 percent

No. 40: Lost

Loved It: 46.13%
Loathed It: 53.87%

No. 39: The Shield

Loved It: 46.49 percent
Loathed It: 53.51 percent

No. 38: 24

Loved It: 51.02 percent
Loathed It: 48.98 percent

No. 37: Angel

Loved It: 51.09 percent
Loathed It: 48.91 percent

No. 36: The Sopranos

Loved It: 51.27 percent
Loathed It: 48.73 percent

No. 35: Private Practice

Loved It: 51.80 percent
Loathed It: 48.20 percent

No. 34: True Blood

Loved It: 23.8 percent
Loathed It: 24.5 percent
Thought it was just OK: 51.8 percent

No. 33: The O.C.

Loved It: 52.08 percent
Loathed It: 47.92 percent

No. 32: Desperate Housewives

Loved It: 53.11 percent
Loathed It: 46.89 percent

No. 31: The Wire

Loved It: 53.60 percent
Loathed It: 46.40 percent

No. 30: Scandal

Loved It: 54.1 percent
Loathed It: 45.9 percent

No. 29: Gossip Girl

Loved It: 54.16 percent
Loathed It: 45.84 percent

No. 28: Two and a Half Men

Loved It: 55 percent
Loathed It: 45 percent

No. 27: Pretty Little Liars

Loved It: 55.3 percent

Loathed It: 44.7 percent

No. 26: One Tree Hill

Loved It: 59.62 percent
Loathed It: 40.38 percent

No. 25: House

Loved It: 60.41 percent
Loathed It: 39.59 percent

24: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Loved It: 63.14 percent
Hated It: 36.86 percent

No. 23: Mad Men

Loved It: 63.6 percent
Loathed It: 36.4 percent

No. 22: Alias

Loved It: 63.82 percent
Loathed It: 36.18 percent

No. 21: Six Feet Under

Loved It: 64.28 percent
Loathed It: 35.72 percent

No. 20: 30 Rock

Loved It: 64.59 percent
Loathed It: 35.41 percent

No. 19: Fringe

Loved It: 65.38 percent
Loathed It: 34.62 percent

18. Shadowhunters

Loved It: 66.06%

Loathed It: 33.94%

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Shadowhunters aired on Freeform.