Why Kelly Clarkson Tells Her The Voice Contestants to Just "Have a Good Time"

Plus, find out why Blake Shelton doesn't like to have his team members labeled frontrunners

By Chris Harnick May 08, 2019 12:00 AMTags
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It could be the best you've ever sounded, but if the right viewers aren't at home watching, it doesn't matter. At least that's what Kelly Clarkson tells her team on The Voice.

"You just never know who's going to vote for who. I mean, obviously we figured that out last week. Even the coaches, we were all pretty shocked at the results, just in who we thought was going to advance from the last show and who we thought might not," Clarkson told E! News. "So, you just don't know. I tell [Rod Stokes and Jej Vinson], ‘Just have a good time, sing your heart out.'"

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"It doesn't necessarily mean you're not talented enough or you are when you make it ‘cause it just—you don't know who's voting. Like, who's home that night, who's not watching their kids and they're in bed already or who didn't get to watch because they're putting their kids—you just don't know, so really have a good time," Clarkson continued.

E! News caught up with Clarkson and fellow The Voice coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and John Legend as the Top 13 performed for America.

"My advice is: Don't sweat it, it's going to be over soon, regardless, only a couple of weeks more. Enjoy your time here, sing your heart out and that's all you can do because you cannot do predict what the people are going to for, especially these f—king days, you know what I'm say?" Levine said.

Click play on the video to hear more, including why Shelton doesn't like it when any of his team are predicted as the frontrunner.

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