See Kristin Cavallari Comfort BFF Kelly Henderson During an Emotional OBGYN Visit on Very Cavallari

By Alyssa Ray May 08, 2019 1:00 PMTags
Watch: Kelly Henderson Receives Bad News From OBGYN

Kelly Henderson needs BFF Kristin Cavallari more than ever.

In this clip from Sunday's all-new Very Cavallari, the hair and makeup artist attends an OBGYN appointment to learn more about her fertility options. After hearing all about the egg freezing process in Mexico, Henderson decides to explore this fertility path—and Kristin fully supports her.

"I'm so grateful that Kristin's with me," Kelly shares in a confessional. "I definitely don't want to be doing any of this by myself but, just to have someone who I know loves me sitting by my side, is very comforting."

Of course, Kristin is happy to be there for Kelly as she knows that "there's so much that goes into this decision." Although the exam starts off well, things take a more serious turn when the doctor spots a cyst on Kelly's right ovary.

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"This is simple. It doesn't look like any kind of tumor of any kind," the doctor assures a nervous Kelly. "Usually, these go away on their own."

This isn't the only health update for Kelly as the doctor reveals she can only spot a couple micro follicles—which means Henderson's egg count may be low for her age.

"Yeah, we'd love to see 4 to 6," the OBGYN continues. "But, I'm not seeing other micro follicles on the ovary…which I'd rather see that and I know you'd rather see that."

Understandably, this news leaves Kelly feeling emotional and causes her to breakdown in the exam room. Thankfully, Kristin is there for a supportive hug and reassurance.

Watch the emotional exam for yourself in the clip above.