Amy Schumer Reveals the Sex of Her First Child

The actress and comedienne announced her pregnancy last October.

By Corinne Heller May 05, 2019 7:24 PMTags
Watch: Amy Schumer Reveals Sex of Her First Child

It's a boy for Amy Schumer! Buuuut he's not here yet. As far as we know, anyway.

On Sunday, the 37-year-old actress and comedienne revealed the sex of her and husband Chris Fischer's first child, two days after she signaled she was still pregnant. She is expected to make a birth announcement any day now.

Schumer posted a photo of her and Fischer waiting at a pediatrician's office—many pregnant women opt to coordinate with children's doctors of their choice visits to examine their babies in the hospital. She then tacked on a baby sex reveal announcement to the end of a call to action to boycott Wendy's.

"Hey! We love @chancetherapper and hate to be the ones to tell him that Wendys is the only fast food chain refusing to protect farmworker women from sexual assault and rape in the fields. This is true. Please read that sentence again. Message for the people in charge: Instead of spicy nuggets, we want food that is harvested with dignity NOT violence. Please join the @fairfoodprogram and #BoycottWendys link in my bio of how you can help," she wrote. "Also we are having a boy."

Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer Wedding Photos

Schumer had also paired a political message with her pregnancy announcement last October.

In February, the star said in a Twitter video, "What I wanted to announce was the baby's gender. We're so excited to say that we don't care what the gender is. However the baby identifies is fine. Whatever the baby's sexuality is, any way the baby identifies is cool with us. As long as it doesn't identify as a DJ, 'cause that's heartbreaking."