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Comedy Central

The Jonas Brothers have something for fans and haters alike today.

Detractors can check out Kevin, Nick and Joe as they get the Trey Parker and Matt Stone treatment tonight on Comedy Central's South Park. Cartman will take his new girlfriend to a JoBros concert in the hopes of reaching second base. But those plans are foiled when the boys give the characters purity rings just like theirs.

As for the fans, the group used their MySpace page to announce they're following up their film flop, Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience, with a hopefully more successful actual concert experience. (The girls were just saving the $10 that would have gone toward a movie ticket to put toward more expensive concert seats, right?)

The purity-ring-clad family is heading on a globe-trotting tour through August, hitting more than 50 cities. American Idol winner Jordin Sparks and Honor Society will be joining the adventure. Will you?

The Jonas Brothers Performance Poll
The Disney band's concert movie didn't do so hot. Do you think the live shows will make bigger bucks?
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