The 25 Most Enduring and Quotable Friends Moments

Could we BE having any more fun?

By Lauren Piester May 06, 2019 7:29 PMTags
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Fifteen years ago today, six friends got coffee for the final time. 

Today, Monday, May 6, is the 15th anniversary of the series finale of Friends, the iconic NBC show that actually seems kind of like it never ended, thanks to Netflix. Reviving Friends and the fact that reviving Friends will never happen and freaking out any time two or more of the cast members are in the same room together has become a national obsession. 

When we run out of reunion talk, inevitably conversations just turn into giggly Friends reference fights that slowly lose all meaning. Shouts of "in LONDON" and "Could I BE wearing any more clothes?" and "WE WERE ON A BREAK!" threaten to drive any onlookers away while we're having the best time making no sense. Pivot! PIVOT! J-Man and Channy! 

Anyway this is a list of all those references in no particular order that we'll never forget and never not giggle at, and it's entirely just an excuse to giggle while we work, and for you to giggle while you work. That is truly all this is for. 

Friends Cast Reunions

We Were On a Break

Argue all you want about the problematic nature of Ross and Rachel's break and Ross' behavior while on said break (and we will), no excuse is more iconic. (Starts season 3, episode 15, "The One Where Ross and Rachel Take a Break") 

A Moo Point

It's like a cow's opinion. It doesn't matter! And yes that does make sense! (Season 7, episode 8, "The One Where Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs") 

Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat 

What were they feeding it, though? (Smelly Cat makes his debut season 2, episode 6, "The One With the Baby on the Bus") 

I got off the plane. 

Should Rachel have gotten off the plane, abandoning her dream job in Paris for a questionably sane and emotionally exhausting paleontologist whose son hasn't been seen in years? Absolutely not. Did that make this moment any less impactful? ...Yes, but it makes us teary anyway. (Season 10, episode 18, "The Last One" 

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J-Man and Channy

Everybody totally calls them that. (Season 6, episode 2, "The One Where Ross Hugs Rachel") 


PIVOOOT!! (Season 5, episode 16, "The One With the Cop") 

"Could I BE wearing any more clothes?" 

You hide my clothes, I'm wearing everything you own. Look at me, I'm Chandler! Could I BE wearing any more clothes? Maybe if I wasn't going COMMANDO...I tell ya, it's hot with all this stuff on. I better not do any, I dunno, lunges... (Season 3, episode 2, "The One Where No One's Ready") 


You? And you?! How?! When?! (Season 5, episode 5, "The One With the Kips") 


This is the only way to pronounce it. (Season 5, episode 3, "The One Hundredth") 

15 Years After the Friends Finale Let's Settle the Debate: Were Ross and Rachel on a Break?

They don't know that we know they know we know. 

Joey, you can't say anything. 

Related: This is my bra. 

Also related: GET OFF MY SISTER! 

(Season 5, episode 14, "The One Where Everybody Finds Out") 

I'm the holiday armadillo!

What are you doing here, weird turtle man? 

Seven. Seven. SEVEN! 

There are seven? (Season 4, episode 11, "The One With Phoebe's Uterus") 

Paget Brewster Has No Regrets About a Rule She Broke on Friends

Chanandler Bong 

Actually it's Miss Chanandler Bong. (Season 4, episode 12, "The One With the Embryos") 



That's not even a word!

Come on Will, Just take off your shirt and tell us!

Brad Pitt's appearance as the Rachel-hating Will is bittersweet now but ICONIC back in 2001. (Season 8, episode 9, "The One with the Rumor") 

Ahhh, Unagi

Ahhh, salmon skin roll. (Season 6, episode 17, "The One With Unagi")

This is my husband, Crap Bag

First name Crap, last name Bag. And I'm Princess Consuela Bananahammock. (Season 10, episode 14, "The One With Princess Consuela") 

Hurricane Gloria didn't break the porch swing, Monica did! Ross hasn't worked at the museum for a year! Monica and Chandler are living together! Ross married Rachel in Vegas and got divorced, AGAIN! I love Jacques Cousteau! I wasn't supposed to put beef in the trifle! I wanna gooooo! 

Ross...Drugs...Divorced...Again? (Season 6, episode 9, "The One Where Ross Got High")


Custard? Good. Jam? Good. Meat? Gooood! 

What's not to like? 

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It's not about a few fries. It's about what the fries represent! (Season 10, episode 9, "The One with the Birth Mother") 

Paper! Snow! A Ghost!

Can be put in your coffee or on your sandwich! (Season 10, episode 11, "The One Where the Stripper Cries")

Judge all you want to, but married a lesbian, left a man at the altar, fell in love with a gay ice dancer, threw a girl's wooden leg in a fire, LIVE IN A BOX. 

If Monica had a mic she would have dropped it. (Season 4, episode 8, "The One With Chandler In a Box") 

What Did I Marry Into?! 

"You were my midnight mystery kisser?

"You were my first kiss with Rachel?"

"You were my first kiss EVER?!" 

(Season 10, episode 11, "The One Where the Stripper Cries") 

Coffee Cups, Smelly Cats & Lifelong Friends: Which Iconic Character Would You Want to Call Your BFF?

 You Know the Song, Sing Along!

This one can really only be captured in video form. (Season 7, episode 15, "The One With Joey's New Brain") 

And finally: 

How You Doin'? 

You're welcome. 

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