Now that Chris Brown and Rihanna have reconciled—at least in song—daytime talk shows have all turned their attention to warning women of the dangers of returning to abusive relationships.

So far, we’ve had Ellen question Diddy’s intentions behind letting the couple stay at his Star Island home and Oprah dedicate her Thursday show to “all the Rihannas of the world." And now comes Tyra, who will also dedicate her Thursday show to those same Rihannas.

Talking to a young couple in an abusive relationship, Tyra says, “There is no excuse for a man to put his hands on a woman ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever.”

Later in the show, she also discusses her own emotionally abusive relationship, giving her panel of Rihannas this takeaway lesson:

"One day I’ll never forget, I woke up in this hotel room in New York City and I just called him and said, ‘I’m done.’ I heard in his voice that he knew it was true and he just felt, ‘Omigosh, she’s telling the truth this time.’ And when you’re done, you know you’re done. There’s none of this ‘Oh, I love him’ or ‘Oh, if he gets a job or gets this.’ You need to get to being done and loving you.”

Tyra's "Deadly Teen Dating" show will air tomorrow afternoon—right around the time she's also set to appear as a guest on Oprah's abusive relationship special.

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