Watch "Jennifer F--king Lawrence" Hilariously Roast Khloe Kardashian & Scott Disick Via FaceTime on KUWTK

The Oscar-winning actress surprises Khloe and Scott with a call...and a Kris Jenner impression!

By Alyssa Ray May 06, 2019 2:00 AMTags
Watch: Jennifer Lawrence Surprises Scott & Khloe: "KUWTK" Katch-Up (S16, Ep5)

Is Jennifer Lawrence the new Kardashian-Jenner matriarch?

On Sunday's all-new Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the Oscar-winning actress surprised Khloe Kardashian and Scott Disick with a FaceTime call—and it made it clear that there was a new momager in town.

The unexpected cameo took place when Lord Disick called Jenner about Art Vandelay's return (AKA Khloe's artist persona). However, it wasn't Jenner who answered the phone as "Jennifer f--king Lawrence" picked up the call.

"Not that you're not very famous and beautiful, but could I talk to Kris?" the father of three inquired.

"I am the new Kris," Lawrence quipped in response.

And the A-list actress took her new role seriously as she praised Kardashian's artistic eye. "I honestly think that that piece is completely legit," the Hunger Games alum assured the Revenge Body star.

J.Law, who is a big KUWTK fan, went on to gush that she and Kris were having a grand time too. In fact, the famed actress claimed that they "wouldn't be having this much fun" if the other KUWTK stars were present.

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Khloe and Scott (who were joined by Kourtney Kardashian) didn't take offense to this sentiment as they responded with a round of laughter.

"So, bye-bye. I love you all, you make me so proud every day," the 28-year-old celebrity concluded while still channeling Jenner. "You're doing great, sweetie! You're doing great!"

After witnessing Lawrence's praise for Khloe and her artwork, Scott revealed he planned to get the pieces appraised. Despite Kardashian's apprehension about the plan, she agreed to Scott's idea, but only if he didn't take "The Kourt" piece.

Unfortunately, the reality TV veteran didn't heed Khloe's warning as he brought both pieces to fine art appraiser Michael Goodman. To make matters worse, the art expert declared that the artwork was essentially worthless.

Watch: Scott Disick Shocked By Appraiser's Assessment of Khloe's Art

"I rarely say this about abstracts, but this one…I'm not sure what that is," Michael stated. "This artist is very talented at making distasteful paintings."

Goodman didn't stop there as he even noted that a young child "could've done a better job." This news led to an uncomfortable conversation between the Lord and his Lady.

"I don't know that this appraiser knew exactly, you know, what was going on yet," Scott delicately told Khloe over lunch.

Of course, KoKo urged Scott to stop "sugar coating everything"—and learned the harsh truth about the appraisal. Nonetheless, Disick vowed that he still believed in Khloe's skill set.

"By the way, I cannot wait to go back there with a good sale," Scott relayed. "Put it in his face and say, 'This could've been a commission you could've made!'"

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To prove his belief in Khloe, Scott declared that they needed to take the situation into their own hands. "We create the buzz, we create the market and then we have the value that's gonna only go up," Mason Disick's dad added.

Out of fear of "art shaming," Khloe declined Scott's offer, a stance the latter totally ignored. Disick went even as far as to enlist Kris' expertise to help him sell Khloe's work.

At Kris' urging, Scott posted images of Khloe's art and asked interested buyers to "DM us with offers." While Khloe was initially outraged by Scott's online art dealing, she quickly changed her tune when offers began pouring in.

"$6,000 for 3 paintings?" a shocked Khloe exclaimed.

Looks like Khloe may have an art career in her future. "We have a business here, guys. We have a business," momager Kris concluded.

See everything that went down on this week's episode, including a closer look at Kim Kardashian's legal schooling, in the recap video above!

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