Party Time! See Kristin Cavallari and Her Friends "Get Messy" in Mexico

By Alyssa Ray May 06, 2019 3:00 AMTags
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Kristin Cavallari knows how to have a good time on vacation!

On Sunday's all-new Very Cavallari, the Uncommon James boss and husband Jay Cutler were joined by friends while in Cabo San Lucas for a getaway. Having already experienced some quality alone time, the Very Cavallari couple were ready to let loose in Mexico.

"I've had such a good time with Jay these past few days. We really got to reconnect, which was the whole point of us coming here," The Hills alum gushed in a confessional. "But, I'm gonna be honest, I'm excited for my friends to show up so that we can turn it up a notch."

Before long, Kristin and Jay were greeted by Nashville BFFs Kelly Henderson and Mark "Chuy" Block, as well as longtime friends Biegs, Pip, Justin and Jack. And the group certainly brought the party with them.

In order to properly kickoff their group vacation, Kristin and the crew boarded a bus headed to hot spot Squid Roe. "Tonight, we are going to one of my favorite places, Squid Roe," Kristin confesses to the Very Cavallari camera. "I've been going here since I was in high school."

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Since Justin had never been to Squid Roe before, Kristin was thrilled that she was bringing him to the "wild" nightclub. "It's gonna get messy," the Los Angeles based hair colorist quipped.

As Kristin jokingly referred to Cabo as her "hometown," it was clear that she was the perfect guide for this night out. Although the reality TV veteran was worried about a hangover, she was still ready to "live it up" and "have some fun."

And fun they certainly had as their evening at Squid Roe consisted of lots of dancing, drinks and laughter. "Right now is great, because I'm not thinking about work, I'm not stressed out about anything," the mother of three added. "I'm literally just having a good time."

Unfortunately, Jay hit his breaking point and found himself over the nightclub scene. However, Kristin didn't blame Jay for his mood as they had been "drinking all day" and were surrounded by "big personalities."

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"Jay is either leading the charge or he can't keep up—there's no happy medium," the former Laguna Beach star relayed. "So, I'm very used to this and it just sort of is our new normal, which is fine."

In fact, Kristin and Jay were quite the team when they bravely tackled a ziplining adventure. Per Kristin, she and Jay "live for this kind of stuff" as they're "really competitive."

This teamwork seemingly inspired Jay to later reassure Kristin that he truly supports her career. During a sit down ahead of dinner, Jay promised to be there for Kristin as she continues to pursue business endeavors.


"I've got to do a better job of supporting you, especially now with how busy you are. Like, you're doing exactly what you want to do," Jay expressed. "It's your passion, you love it…and it's been amazing to watch."

Following Jay's promise, Kristin conceded that she's working on freeing up her schedule to have more family time.

"This trip was perfect, truly. I got to spend time with Jay," the E! personality concluded later on. "We got to really, really connect and then I got to be with all of my best friends. I mean, it doesn't get better than that."

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