Noah Centineo's Dirty Dancing Will Make You Forget About All the Boys You've Loved Before

Actor drops some serious moves on "The Tonight Show"

By Jamie Blynn Apr 30, 2019 1:51 PMTags

Noah Centineo knows his way around a dance floor. 

During an appearance on The Tonight Show yesterday, the 22-year-old actor faced off against Jimmy Fallon in an epic dance battle. The catch? Thanks to Centineo's recent role in Netflix's teenage romcom, The Perfect Date, all the moves had to relate back to high school. You know, the glory days!

To kick off the fierce competition, the 44-year-old host stepped out on the prom-themed stage—decorated with a silver, gold and purple balloon arch, of course—to perform the classic Science Room Lava Lamp routine. (Whatever happened to The Sprinkler?)

Noah Centineo's Hottest Pics

The Saturday Night Live alum wiggled and shimmied up and down mimicking, yes, a lava lamp. "I'm getting limber," he joked after his relatively lackluster dance, telling Centineo, "You'll definitely top that." 

Game on. The heartthrob was tasked with Dirty Dancing When the Chaperone Ain't Looking. He seductively got low...while also  peeking over his shoulder to make sure an imaginary adult wouldn't catch him. "Alright," said Fallon. "That's pretty good." 

The duo continued to face off with moves including The All I know Is Musical Theater and Is this How You're Supposed to Grind. "Noah, you're clearly the better dancer," Fallon finally confessed. "Why even compete against each other when we can do one more dance together."

Their last hoorah: Making Eye Contact With Everyone But The Person You're Slow Dancing With. After all, haven't we all been there?

Check out the hysterical video above to see all their moves!