The Sweet (and Significant) Story Behind Taylor Swift's New Cat

It looks like Benjamin Button played a bigger role in the music video than fans thought

By Elyse Dupre Apr 29, 2019 1:05 PMTags
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Taylor Swift introduced her fans to a very special four-legged friend last week.

The 10-time Grammy winner dropped her music video for her new single "ME!" on Friday and gave Swifties a glimpse of her new cat Benjamin Button.

In the music video, there's a scene where Panic! at the Disco's Brendon Urie tries to win her back after a fight. After striking out with flowers and a ring, he finally captures her heart with the precious pet. Swift later confirmed she adopted the cute kitty in an Instagram post.

While Swift didn't plan on adding to her feline family—she's already the proud parent to cats Olivia and Meredith—everything changed when she met the cat on the set and fell in love.

It looks like the scene between the two was actually quite significant, too.

"I wanted there to be this scene where, symbolically, like, I wanted it to be kind of the symbolism of, like, if you are into someone, don't just do what you think people like," she told The Hit Network's Carrie and Tommy on Sunday. "Don't do just what you've heard. Don't give a girl what you think she would like because you think girls like these things. Like, get to know somebody and that will be more interesting—if you actually know someone for who they are and what they actually think is cool."

Taylor Swift's "ME!" Music Video Messages

In addition to dishing on her special scene with her new pet, Swift opened up about the song's lyrics.

"With this song, we really just wanted to have this song not really be fully taking itself seriously," she said. "So the lyrics—that's a tone decision we made in the studio. We were literally were like, OK, let's say 'Hey, kids! Spelling is fun' because we want everyone to know that this song is not really serious because it's not, like, a serious love song. It's kind of embracing and owning that you, at times, feel like, you know, you're irreplaceable. I want those times to be more often when they hear this song, people hear this song and [it] gets stuck in their head. I think with a pop song you have the ability to get something stuck in people's heads, and I just want it to be a mantra that kind of is much more self-love than what we often times feel, which is self-loathing and insecurity."

She also set the record straight on a cryptic post she shared back in February. While fans thought there was a hidden meaning behind the snap, Swift insisted she was just trying to change up her Instagram game.

"I really just was trying to change up my Instagram aesthetic to get ready for the new album," she said. "I was just, like, posting pastel pictures to try to go from a dark to a light and kind of show them what the color scheme would be for the next album. But, like, I love that they're passionate."

One thing is for sure: Swift wasn't willing to confirm the name of her new album or its release date.

"I'll just get back to you," she teased.

To listen to her full interview, check out The Hit Network's Carrie and Tommy.