Colton Underwood Shows Off His Love for Cassie Randolph in a Big Way on Her Birthday

He just redefined "PDA"

By Lena Grossman Apr 27, 2019 11:23 PMTags
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Colton Underwood wears his heart on his sleeve...and his clothing.

The former Bachelor leading man is living it up at Stagecoach 2019 this weekend with his girlfriend Cassie Randolph as well as fellow Bachelor Nation member Blake Hortsmann and some of their other pals.

Cassie turned 24 on Saturday and Colton decided that his profession of love and fence jump on The Bachelor didn't do his feelings enough justice. One of their fellow Stagecoach friends Joseph Tate shared a video on his Instagram Story of Colton walking into the kitchen in the morning wearing a shirt with a giant photo of Cassie's face on it. Her face appears on both the front and back of the shirt. 

Only time will tell if he reps it to the festival today. It seems like there's a decent chance he will.

Colton and Cassie are back in Indio, Calif. just one week after a PDA- and music-filled weekend at Coachella 2019.

Stagecoach 2019: Star Sightings

Ever since the show's season finale in March, the two lovebirds have not been shy about showing their love for each other on and off social media.


Although the former NFL player didn't pop the question at the end of the show, he still has a ring in his back pocket for when he decides to do so. However, some people in particular had some thoughts about Colton's ring choice. 

"A double halo ring is the most basic bitch ring in the entire world," LADYGANG's Jac Vanek told him.

Becca Tobin added, "It's not a Super Bowl ring! What the f--k were you thinking?"

Colton, however, probably feels like he won the Super Bowl with Cassie.

Keltie Knight defended Colton and the shape of the ring. "I have a double halo ring, and it's f--king beautiful," she said.

There's a high probability that the double halo won't be the one on Cassie's finger when he proposes down the road.

Colton's Cassie-centric shirt isn't the only cameo happening at Stagecoach this weekend. Check out the photos below to see which other Bachelor Nation stars are taking over the desert.

Heather Martin

"New life goal after this weekend is to be Carrie Underwood," The Bachelor star wrote on Instagram

Demi Burnett

"Meet Enrey, the best friend I made at Stagecoach," the Bachelor in Paradise star joked while holding an orange balloon. "Unfortunately, he didn't survive the festival. I'm surprised I did."

Kirpa Sudick, Tayshia Adams & Caitlin Clemmens

"We don't have to go home, we can leave the night on," Kirpa wrote on Instagram after enjoying the festival with boohoo. 

Amanda Stanton & Andi Dorfman

In 2019, these close friends made Stagecoach weekend a trip to remember. 

Blake Horstmann

Back in 2019, the Bachelor in Paradise star got the opportunity to meet Sam Hunt, Bret Michaels, Jessie James Decker and other artists during the weekend. 

Caelynn Miller-Keyes

"Who's the ferris of them all," the Bachelor in Paradise star wrote from the giant ferris wheel. 

Cassie Randolph

When kicking off her 23rd birthday in 2018, The Bachelor star headed to Indio, Calif. for the Stagecoach camping experience. 

Robby Hayes

Hooray for the red, white and Bachelor Nation! 

Blake Horstmann

"Let's see what this Stagecoach thing is all about," the Bachelor in Paradise alum captioned this pic in 2019 along with a series of hashtags.

Jared Haibon, Nick Viall, Ashley "I" Iaconetti & Dean Unglert

"A queen and her jesters," the Bachelor in Paradise star shared from the desert while hanging with Nick Viall, Dean Unglert and Jared Haibon. 

Andi Dorfman, Amanda Stanton & Lauren Bushnell

"This is how we roll..." Amanda shared on Instagram while enjoying her stay at the Old Polo Estate in the Coachella Valley. 

Becca Tilley

When you head to Stagecoach, you absolutely dress to impress! Just ask the co-host of iHeartRadio's Scrubbing In With Becca Tilley & Tanya Rad podcast who was styled by D A N I + E M M A during her 2018 trip. 

Kendall Long & Ashley "I" Iaconetti

"Stagecoach with this lady love @ashley_iaconetti," the Bachelor in Paradise star shared when wearing Boohoo during the 2018 festival. 

Nick Viall & Kendall Long

"We did it for the likes," The Bachelor star wrote on Instagram while showcasing his Boohoo gear at the 2018 festival. 

Lauren Bushnell & Erin Andrews

You just never know who you will see when you're sporting some fabulous cowboy boots! 

Becca Tilley

"Ferris Wheel pic coming later. STAY TUNED. #stagecoach," The Bachelor star promised on Instagram while wearing Rebecca Taylor and Senso boots. 

Dean Unglert, Kendall Long, Jared Haibon, Ashley "i" Iaconetti & Nick Viall

It's a small world after all when you're in the California dessert! 

Chase McNary, Josh Murray, Robby Hayes & Jef Holm

"Star spangled hammered us," Robby shared on social media when attending the 2017 festival with his best bros from Bachelor Nation. 

Vanessa Grimaldi & Brandi Cyrus

"Goes to @stagecoach once. #blistersallovermyfeet #imturningcountry," The Bachelor star joked on Instagram when hanging out with her girlfriends.

Lauren Bushnell

"Trading in our annual stagecoach trip for a trip to the altar," The Bachelor star wrote on Instagram when explaining why she won't be making the trip to Stagecoach in 2019. Sister's wedding has to come first! 

Robby Hayes & Jef Holm

"‘Cause I gottttt friendssss in low places' #Stagecoach Who else is here!?" Robby shared on Instagram back in 2018. 

Happy birthday, Cassie!