What's Going to Happen in Game of Thrones' Big Battle? Our Favorite Predictions

People are going to die, there are bound to be some twists in store, and we are ready.

By Lauren Piester Apr 26, 2019 1:00 PMTags
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History is about to be made this weekend. 

Game of Thrones' big battle against the Army of the Dead, which is a whopping hour and 20 minutes long, is happening on Sunday, and it's bound to be so much more than just a battle. 

The whole thing took 50-some nights of outdoor shoots, plus weeks of soundstage filming, to complete and made the actors "miserable," as Iain Glen said. People are going to die in some hopefully epic ways, but there are also bound to be some twists as all the many seasons of clues about the Night King, the White Walkers, and the nature of dead people in the Seven Kingdoms finally come to a head. Plus, we might finally figure out what's up with the Three Eyed Raven Formerly Known as Bran. 

Since it's all we can talk about in the office right now anyway (along with the Avengers and Taylor Swift), let's just throw out some of the E! News staff's favorite predictions (both legit and insane) about what kind of devastation we're all facing this Sunday.

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Ser Brienne of Tarth will definitely die, but in a blaze of glory worthy of the newly knighted warrior. 

Grey Worm will die after he and Missandei made all those plans to see a beach again. 

Everybody in the crypts (Gilly! Davos!) will die, because the crypts, full of dead people, are the dumbest place to go when you're facing an army of dead people. We could be in for some zombie cameos. Ned (who is headless)? Robb? Catelyn? Lyanna? Rickon? Some dead Starks are gonna rise. 

Speaking of which, perhaps there's still time for some version of the Lady Stoneheart storyline from the books, which featured Lady Catelyn rising from the dead (thanks to Beric Dondarrion) to become totally evil, to show up on the show. Here for it, tbh. 

Tyrion will not die, because Varys will sacrifice himself to save him. 

Jaime Lannister will die, but we won't know it until after we see him kill Cersei and then reveal himself to actually be Arya wearing his face. (Remember, Arya can wear other people's faces.) 

Arya won't die, but we'll think she died, 'til she reveals herself to have been Jaime all along. 


Jorah Mormont will sacrifice himself to save Lyanna Mormont, who will not die. 

Or Lyanna Mormont will die, but it will be in the most epic way possible, saving the life of someone else. 

Bran will warg into something and get trapped there. A dragon? An actual raven? The Night King himself? 

Daenerys will turn on Jon during the battle now that she knows he has a stronger claim to the throne. Maybe she'll try to kill him, or decide not to save him when he's in danger, or see some other convenient opportunity to get rid of him. 

Melisandre will return at the end of the battle to do something that seems crazy but ends up working anyway. 

The fact that Jon died once makes him immune to zombification. 

The Night King is actually on his way to King's Landing to go after an unprepared Cersei while his army marches on Winterfell. 


Nymeria the direwolf will show up at just the right moment to save Arya. 

Daenerys will realize she's pregnant with Jon's baby right when she has to make a life or death decision. 

Theon will die in a moment of brave sacrifice.

Tormund will sacrifice himself for Brienne. 

Cersei will have many regrets in some way or another. 

Sansa will be a badass and nothing bad will happen to her (or you'll hear from us, HBO). 

We will cry. 

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Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO.