"Soulmates" Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick Make a Decision About Their Future Together on KUWTK

A thought-provoking spiritual reading with Mas Joko had the parents of three contemplating their relationship.

By Emily Mae Czachor Apr 29, 2019 2:00 AMTags
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Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick aren't just co-parents. They're friends, longtime confidants and maybe predestined life partners too, whatever that means. 

"I don't know what the definition of 'soulmate' is. But Scott and I, we're going to be in each others' lives forever. Like, we are soulmates in a sense," the Poosh founder explained near the end of this week's new Keeping Up With the Kardashians. "No matter what. Whether we're ever together again or not."

The soulmate question—and what the heck to do about it—had been on Kourtney's mind for several days, ever since Bali-based healer Mas Joko informed her and Scott that they're "two old souls" who keep meeting in subsequent lifetimes.

"That's why you are here in this room together with us," Mas Joko's translator told them. Apparently, tragedy marred Kourtney and Scott's relationship in a previous life, so their souls returned in this one to find each other again. "Every soul will have a soulmate," the translator continued. "It's up to you how you want to end up this life: together or not together."

Understandably, the information was a lot for the former couple to take in. Was Mas Joko's reading legit? How could they be sure? And if it was, what did that mean for Kourtney and Scott's future, if anything? As the Kardashians' tropical family vacation came to a close, Mason, Penelope and Reign Disick's loving parents seemed to have found their answer.

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick's Family Pics

After addressing the Costa Rica debacle face-to-face, Kourtney and Scott recapped the healer's insights from a towering hidden gazebo near the beach.

"So, what did you think about the healer?" Kourtney asked, sipping coconut water—from an actual coconut—through a straw.

"Do I think that that's true? I don't know," her ex replied, though it was pretty clear he'd also considered there might a broader interpretation of "soulmate" applicable here, beyond just romantic partner. "I mean, we have three children, we love each other and we're family," he continued. "And I'm happy with that."

Kim and Khloe Kardashian were given lots to think about this week too, thanks to some existential insights from a medium named Jeno Alongsih (the sisters shopped around for spiritual guidance during the latter half of their trip, but didn't quite find what they were looking for during earlier sessions with Mas Joko and Ratu, another widely accredited local healer).

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Kim went first.

"Your father's here," said the medium, before inquiring about a "second boy" on the way for her client.

"I have a boy that's coming in May," the KKW Beauty boss replied. As Khloe pointed out during a confessional interview soon after, the public wasn't yet aware of Kimye's baby no. 4 at that point, so, "For [Jeno] to know all these things, it's crazy."

And she knew more than that! The medium went on to tell Kim her late father would be "reincarnated" with the birth of her fourth child—"What if he looks just like Dad?" Kim mused later—before turning to Khloe with an eerily accurate read on her then-relationship with Tristan Thompson.

"There's something that is hurting you in your mind," said Jeno's translator, identifying a "traumatic experience" as the source of her internal turmoil. "What happened in the past left you feeling kind of uncomfortable, angry. You cannot forget that," the translator continued. "Sometimes you don't trust the person that you're with now. Sometimes you feel fear."

When True Thompson's mom gave Kourtney the sparknotes version after the fact, it was obvious Jeno's comments hit home for her in a big way.

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"What did [your reading] say?" Kourtney asked once they were all back at the resort.

"Basically that Tristan is a cheater and I can't figure out what to do and I fight all the time with myself going back and forth. Then she said I'm fighting making a decision," Khloe told her. And even though she wasn't sure which "decision" to make yet, the reading helped her realize she'd been "suppressing a lot of [her] emotions" until that point.

"It's hard to overcome cheating. It's hard to gain the trust back," said the Good American co-founder. "So, I'm really just trying to reevaluate what's important to me and to hopefully make the right decision. But yeah, you don't know."

See how everything unfolded this week in the full recap video above!

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