Watch LADYGANG's Jac Vanek Squeeze Chicken Liver Out of a Dirty Gym Sock During "What's in the Box?"

You really need to see it to believe it.

By Emily Mae Czachor Apr 25, 2019 4:00 PMTags
Watch: Becca Tobin, Keltie Knight & Jac Vanek: What's in the Box?!

It's a dick in a sock in a box!

Kidding, it's a chicken liver in a sock in a box. Either way, Keltie Knight and Becca Tobin still get a major kick out of Jac Vanek's anatomical suggestion during a particularly slimy round of "What's In the Box?" featuring the LADYGANG front and center.

Mediated by E!'s What the Fashion host Justin Martindale, the rules are pretty straightforward. And extraordinarily hands-on: Basically, the team crowds around what looks like an oversized shadowbox facing the camera while one lucky participant blindly sticks her arm in to feel around for what's inside. Each round touts a different "mystery" item that the women are tasked with identifying. And much like the popular Halloween party game, it's not for the faint of heart.

Creatively packaged chicken livers aside—Jac guessed "limp dick inside a sock," for the record—figuring out what's actually in the box turns out to be a lot easier said than done.

The LADYGANG's Best BFF Moments

"Is it edible?!" Becca squeals mid-way through the LADYGANG's new video, while she has both hands partly submerged in a multi-layered bowl of earthworms. (Three different species, according to Justin.)  

"Yes," Jac tells her, snapping a pic of the box's contents. "It is edible."

"Do you swear it's not alive?!" Becca cries, turning to Keltie.

"I swear it's not the chicken skin," her friend shrugs, clearly still feeling some kind of way about the scaly slab of salmon skin she unearthed from a pile of dirty towels during an earlier round. Keltie's official guess was "chicken skin" though, which is honestly pretty impressive notwithstanding the circumstances.

See the ladies touch lots of gnarly mystery objects—no more live ones, though—in the video above!