Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler Rekindle Their Romance During a Relaxing Stay in Cabo on Very Cavallari

By Emily Mae Czachor Apr 29, 2019 3:00 AMTags
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Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler really needed a getaway.

"When's the last time it was just us on vacation somewhere?" the Uncommon James boss asked her husband during Sunday's new Very Cavallari. Jay's memory turned out to be fuzzier than his wife's on that front (the two eventually reasoned it must have been their trip to Tulum several years ago, when Jay's "butt was all over the Internet"), but revisiting old memories of paradise wasn't really necessary at that particular moment, anyway.

By the time Kristin and Jay found themselves rehashing past travels, the pair was already getting cozy inside a luxurious indoor cabana—one of many relaxing couples activities made possible by their super swanky beachfront resort in Cabo.

"I'm so excited to be going to Cabo," Kristin told the Very Cavallari camera, as viewers watched her and Jay pop champagne on the balcony of their sprawling hotel suite. Continuing, she explained that "Cabo has a lot of meaning for both Jay and I because we got engaged there and we take our family there every year. So, it's very special to us."

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Thanks to Kristin's mom Judy, the Cavallari-Cutler kids stayed home in Nashville this time. As for the off-duty parents' vacation agenda? Kristin had the whole day planned out: after a sugary-sweet couples' appointment at the hotel's in-house spa (actual chocolate was involved) they'd hop on a romantic sunset cruise around the peninsula. And, at some point before their friends were due to join them in the picturesque destination city, Kristin really hoped her and Jay would finally find time to reconnect, too.

"I'd say what's changed [since the last time she and Jay took a couples' vacation] is, obviously, how busy I've become," the entrepreneur and mom of three explained later, referencing the tension audiences have watched build between Kristin and her recently retired husband over the course of the season. But, like the wildly busy business owner has said in the past, her and Jay are their best selves on vacation.

"We always sort of like, just rekindle the romance and just kind of find each other again, which is really nice," she said.

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Come sunset and it seemed the pair was on track to do just that. Understandably, "finding each other again" probably wasn't going to happen overnight, but Kristin took the first step during their scenic boat ride that evening. Because, while the titular Very Cavallari star has admitted she needs to make more time for her marriage, she didn't feel like the burden of their relationship issues should fall on her shoulders alone.

"I feel like if you were really supportive and really encouraging of everything I have going on, I would want to make time for you. It would be a different situation. But I feel like everything I have going on is a problem," she told Jay point-blank, before going on to say she was definitely that person for him during his 12-season NFL career. "I did everything that I was supposed to do as a wife," she continued. "And I feel like since I've gotten really busy I just haven't…I don't feel that same support from you."

Jay definitely took her words to heart and acknowledged he needs to "do a better job" showing his wife he's on her team. And even though he hadn't yet had a chance to redeem Les Mis' dinner party behavior in Cabo by the episode's end, Kristin was optimistic about moving forward.

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"I do feel like Jay is really starting to hear me and understand what I'm saying," she said. "He's taking it seriously and so I feel like only good can come from this. I'm really happy to see this. And I'm hoping that what he said he means and he'll be able to support me."

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