See How Jay Cutler Handles a Fan Question About His & Kristin Cavallari's "Favorite" Sex Positions

By Emily Mae Czachor Apr 23, 2019 5:39 PMTags
Watch: Jay Cutler Answers Fan Questions About Kristin Cavallari

If you could ask Jay Cutler anything, what would it be?

Kelly Henderson has Kristin Cavallari's husband in the hot seat in this exceedingly entertaining clip from Sunday's new Very Cavallari, which catches the stylist, blogger and budding podcaster during a widely anticipated (from her listeners' point of view, especially) interview with Jay. Kelly leads with more straightforward stuff: What career path would he have chosen if football didn't work out? What prompted his brief return to the NFL after initially retiring in 2017? But Jay's fans—who've already submitted a bunch of their own inquiries to Kelly—get down to the hard-hitting questions right away.

"Kristin will probably want to hear this," says the podcast host knowingly, before reading the question aloud. "‘Who runs your Instagram @ifjayhadaninstagram? It's hilarious.'"

"Jesus. Here she comes," Jay murmurs. And right on cue, his wife pops her head in.

"Like it's a mystery!" she exclaims. "Who runs it, Jay?"

"Kristin does," he sighs into the microphone. 

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After that, Kelly moves on to a more open-ended type of question.

"What do you think about the whole ‘men are intimidated by strong women' thing?" she asks. And if it wasn't already clear he's not threatened by his wife's successes—when she's not running Jay's social media accounts, Kristin is busy running a business—it probably should be now.

"If you're with a guy that's intimidated by what you do, find a different guy," Jay replies.

His A+ response to that last question is swiftly overshadowed by what comes next.  

"I honestly don't even know if I want to know the answer to this, but what's your favorite sexual position?" Kelly reads. Jay, who's obviously acutely aware that his wife is eavesdropping from the next room, keeps things vague in his response.

"I think we experiment with many different ones," he shrugs. "I mean, after so long, you have to mix it up a little bit."

See Kristin's immediate reaction when she overhears in the clip above!