Watch Kourtney Kardashian's Sisters Share Their Wildest Memories With the Birthday Girl

Keeping Up With the Kardashians star receives a special birthday gift from her family

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Leave it to your closest friends to showcase your wild side.

As Kourtney Kardashian celebrates her milestone birthday today, her family and BFFs are reminiscing on just some of the many unforgettable moments they've shared with the proud mom.

"One of the craziest stories that I remember about Kourtney was when she was two years old," Kris Jenner shared in a new YouTube video for Poosh. "She fell asleep on the school bus going to school and the bus driver didn't see her sleeping on the bench because she was so tiny and petite."

The self-proclaimed momager added, "The bus driver dropped off all the kids and Kourtney was still sleeping and he locked up the bus and when out to breakfast and that was pretty traumatizing."

Don't worry, dolls. Everything turned out a-okay.

Growing Up Kardashian: Kourtney Kardashian

When it was Kendall Jenner's turn, she couldn't help but look back on when Kourtney had the task of babysitting her. As it turns out, she was one cool sitter.

"She would babysit Kylie and I a lot and pick us up in her white BMW and she would just drive really fast and take us to her house where her and her boyfriend lived and she would just make us junk food all day long and let us play video games," she confessed.

As for Kylie Jenner, she will never forget a huge fight she experienced with Kourtney at the Happiest Place on Earth.

"I was about seven and we went to Disney World and we got into a huge, huge fight over these Tinkerbell pajamas that I wanted and she wouldn't let me have them," the beauty mogul confessed.

We'd share Kim Kardashian's memory but perhaps you have to watch the video above to experience it for yourself. As for Khloe Kardashian, she may not be ready to spill the tea.

"My wildest memory of Kourtney…there are so many," Khloe explained. "Maybe as her birthday gift, I won't share them because she probably doesn't want them on Poosh."

Happy birthday, Kourtney! Can't wait to see how you celebrate tonight!

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