Breaking Bad


AMC's other Emmy-award-winning series, Breaking Bad, is back tonight, and if you missed out on the crystal-meth-cooking mayhem last season, don't worry, it's easy to catch up. For that matter, if you start now, you'll be getting in on the ground floor of the rejuvenated series. Rejuvenated how, you ask? Well, for one thing, there's more nekkid people.

Says star Aaron Paul (Big Love), "There's a lot more sex, nudity, drugs and some rock 'n' roll." And Bryan Cranston (Malcolm in the Middle) himself volunteers, "This year, I'm naked. Season two, episode three. If you thought you had to turn your eyes away from me in tighty-whitey underwear, well, wait until I am in the buff in a public place."

And believe it or not, naked in public is the least crazy thing you'll see on the show this season. We caught up with the creator and cast at the Hollywood premiere last week, and they told us about all the other wild Albuquerque-set hijinks this season on Breaking Bad...

Look for Jesse Pinkman to get a love interest. Krysten Ritter says that for her character, who becomes Jesse's special lady friend in episode five, "There's a lot of romping and shagging."

Elsewhere on the series, Walter White (Cranston) and Jesse continue their comical criminal ineptitude. Says Aaron, "We don't know what we're doing. It's not our world. I'm good at selling the little $10, $20 bags. Huge distribution, not so much." And Cranston adds, "Walt is a scientist. He's completely out of his element. He made this rash decision hastily, and now he's suffering the consequences of that decision, and honestly, he just doesn't have the skill set—he's used to a mathematical answer for everything! Now everything is completely upside down. He's dealing with murderers and thugs and drug users, and nothing makes sense."

As for you original fans, creator Vince Gilligan has this tip: "There's a little hint in the very first 30 seconds of the episode that we see tonight about where the season's going to end up." Vince also told us that he and his writers have cooked up an interesting twist to handle the possible show-killing consequences of Walter's terminal illness reaching its natural conclusion. What do you think they have in mind? Post in the comments!

Breaking Bad premieres tonight on AMC at 10 p.m. Check it out and come back here to share your impressions!

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