Beyoncé Is Finally Releasing Lemonade’s Audio Across All Platforms, So Get in Formation

It releases on April 23, exactly three years after it first came out

By Alyssa Morin Apr 17, 2019 8:41 PMTags
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Beyhive, it's time to get in formation!

Beyoncé is blessing fans with the audio release of the her legendary Lemonade film, Variety reports. Unlike the 37-year-old star's previous album launches, the Lemonade audio won't be a surprise drop. According to the publication, it's set to come out on all music streaming services on April 23. So set your alarms and mark your calendars, because Bey is finally sharing her masterpiece with everyone.

The Beyhive will know that April 23 marks a special significance for the "Hold Up" singer and her fans, as the 65-minute film released on the same date three years ago. Along with the pop star's lyrics, Lemonade also uses poetry from Somali poet, Warsan Shire. It will be added to the upcoming audio launch as well.

Before now, only those with a Tidal account (which is a streaming service she co-owns) had access to the film. But Queen B is showering everyone with this gift.

8 Things We Learned From Beyoncé's Coachella Documentary Homecoming

For those ready to hear the Lemonade audio, you might remember it was divided into 11 parts. They are: "Intuition," "Denial," "Anger," "Apathy," "Emptiness," "Accountability," "Reformation," "Forgiveness," "Resurrection," "Hope" and "Redemption."

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This exciting news comes just hours after the "Apes--t" songstress premiered the highly-anticipated Homecoming documentary on Netflix, which chronicles her iconic 2018 Coachella performance and the behind-the-scenes moments fans didn't get to see.

"It's hard to believe that, after all these years, I was the first African American woman to headline Coachella," she said in the Netflix documentary.

Until her Lemonade audio releases, you can catch us watching Homecoming...on replay.