Dr. Drew Is Taking a Scientific Look at Tyler Henry's Mind—And His Hypothesis Will Leave You Wanting More!

Following a quantitative EEG, the TV doctor shares his thoughts on the Hollywood Medium star's abilities

By Alyssa Ray Apr 18, 2019 1:00 PMTags
Watch: Dr. Drew Wants to Know What's Going on in Tyler Henry's Head

It's all about the data for Dr. Drew.

Earlier this week, we exclusively spoke with the celebrity doctor ahead of his appearance on the season 4 finale of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry. While many notable clients have touted clairvoyant Tyler Henry as the real deal, Dr. Drew Pinsky is looking to a researched-based hypothesis in order to develop his stance on Tyler's abilities.

As viewers will see in Thursday night's episode, Tyler participated in a quantitative EEG while reading Steve-O. Not only are the findings fascinating, but Dr. Drew said he was "glad" to have witnessed it next to "another expert." 

Often, those examining the psychic industry are divided into two opposing groups. Namely, believers and skeptics. However, per Dr. Drew, this situation may not be so black and white.

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"I've seen them, I've observed them carefully and they're clearly doing something. What that something is [has] never really been defined," the 60-year-old doctor noted. "I mean, most people have assumed that it is something fraudulent or a trick or something, I'm not making that assumption. I'm making an assumption that there's some sort of communication between and amongst people that's not necessarily associated with consciousness."

Furthermore, Pinsky addressed that Tyler was not in a "normal neurological state" during the reading as the E! personality's blood pressure dropped and was visibly sweating.

"I don't believe he's fraudulent, I don't believe that at all," Dr. Drew added regarding criticism against Tyler. "What he's doing is what I'm trying to figure out. What actually is happening is what I must know."


And Dr. Drew is ready to delve deeper into his hypothesis as he's observed certain similarities among those "that come up with extraordinary insights." We're talking "very unusual eye movements," "a frontal releasing movement," etc.

Outside of these observations, the Celebrity Rehab doctor conceded that Tyler's peculiar skills can be "helpful" for subjects struggling with grief. In fact, Pinsky previously paid a visit to his dying uncle at the 23-year-old medium's urging. (As you may recall, Dr. Drew sat down with Tyler during season 2 of Hollywood Medium.)

"He brought up that my uncle was very sick. Which he was. And that he was gonna die soon. Which he did," the addiction medicine specialist shared. "He kind of suggested I needed to go see him—which I did! And I had two or three of the most powerful interactions with him I'd had in my life."

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For this motivation, Dr. Drew admitted that he is "thankful" to the young clairvoyant. However, this notion isn't swaying his current neutral stance.

"It's not like I'm saying, 'I'm a believer' or 'I'm a disbeliever,'" Dr. Drew summarized. "I'm creating a hypothesis. I'm interested in the human experience. I'm interested in interpersonal space. I think something interesting might be going on here, let's collect some data!"

Hopefully, there will be more opportunity for Dr. Drew and Tyler to collaborate in the future. Be sure to catch Tyler's quantitative EEG during Thursday's Hollywood Medium season finale.