Tyler Henry Goes From Hollywood Medium to Baguette Whisperer in Hilarious ASMR Video

Chill out with your favorite quick-witted clairvoyant ahead of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry's season finale.

By Emily Mae Czachor Apr 18, 2019 4:00 PMTags
Watch: Tyler Henry Takes ASMR to Another Level

Tyler Henry is practiced at spreading serenity through psychic readings, but it looks like the clairvoyant is trying out some new techniques!

The Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry star gives audiences peace of mind the old fashioned way in this highly amusing video that puts a creative spin on your run-of-mill ASMR triggers. (For anyone scratching their heads, ASMR is a popular online trend that's given rise to a whole genre of soothing audio-centric videos whose primary purpose is to relax its viewers.)

 Alongside E! personality Dani Fernandez, Tyler enthusiastically tears, plucks and scratches his way through a varied selection of props, including but not limited to: a comb, a stack of coffee filters, a sequin-bound journal and a sealed bag of salted pistachios.

"Oh my god," Tyler whispers—in accordance with traditional ASMR narrative etiquette—after Dani informs him the glittery book jacket he's been stroking "changes colors" with each swipe. "I feel like too much power has been granted to me," he adds.

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Dani's up next with a pair of rubber-soled flip flops. As she's rubbing them together campfire-style just inches from the microphone, Tyler seems a little perplexed.

"That's a noise," he comments first. Then, after taking a second to think: "It reminds me of the song my grandmother used to sing me as a child."

Wondering which ambient sound eventually gets his heart rate down then? Tyler's response to the technicolored journal pales in comparison to his feelings about French bread and marshmallow "crispy treats", whose acoustic merits apparently get the job done for him right away.

"I'm done," he tells Dani, who's folding a marshmallow treat in half and really reveling in the chorus of snap-crackle-pops. "You've slayed me."

In hindsight though, Tyler says he'd definitely opt for bread should he find himself in the market for some innovative ASMR therapy.

"I might view bread differently now," he admits toward the video's end.

See the clairvoyant wrestle a baguette—and note his inexplicable euphoria as it's happening—in the video above!