Where In the World Is The Bachelorette? Hannah Brown Travels the World in Behind-the-Scenes Pics

Hannah Brown's journey to find love is taking her to many chilly places

By Lauren Piester Apr 15, 2019 8:06 PMTags
The Bachelorette, Hannah BrownTwitter/Mike Fleiss

Hannah Brown's literal journey as The Bachelorette is very much underway. 

It appears the mansion has long been left behind and Hannah and her men are now exploring the world on their quest for love. Show creator Mike Fleiss recently tweeted a pic of the star in a field of tulips and asked, "Where is #TheBachelorette now???" 

He wondered the same about a pic of Hannah on a balcony overlooking what appears to be a European city, wearing a scarf and an extremely heavy-looking pair of gloves and looking cold enough to make us feel cold. Hopefully that tulip field pic was taken somewhere much warmer, because otherwise that sleeveless dress is just rude. 

Behind the Scenes of Hannah Brown's Season of The Bachelorette

So far, we don't know exactly where in the world Hannah has been, but Fleiss has posted plenty of pictures of Hannah smiling in various cold-looking locations with beautiful scenery behind her, and we're just imagining that there are going to be a lot of hot tub opportunities this season of The Bachelorette

The first promo for the season made it clear that the Hannah we're about to get to know is very different from the beauty queen/beast we've seen so far, and while we'll have to wait to find out exactly what that means, we don't have to wait to meet the guys who will be competing for her heart. 

ABC released the names and pictures of all the contestants a whole lot earlier than usual, giving us all ample time for social media stalking. You can find all of the guys and everything we know about them right here.

For a little behind the scenes look at Hannah's time on the show so far, scroll down! 

Staying Coy

Hannah gracefully laughs at something off in the distance in a picture taken on night one.

Paint me like one of your Bachelorette Girls

The Alabama native strikes a pose on a Bachelor Mansion couch. She writes on Instagram, "This experience has been something else. I am beyond grateful, but dang somebody should have warned me that dating 30 men ain't easy! I'm still recovering, but don't worry, the Beast is back y'all!"

Who Needs Sleeves?

After weeks of bundling up, it was apparently finally warm enough for this gorgeous sleeveless number that we're currently googling. 

So Chill

By the looks of those gloves, it's coooold wherever Hannah was on April 12. 

Field of Gold

This show is really good at finding fields of flowers that haven't been ruined by Instagram influencers. 

All Bundled Up

Cold and grey weather is no excuse not to bring some fun to your winter attire. 

"Uh Oh"

That was Mike Fleiss' caption on this pic of Hannah all bundled up in the rain, looking less than thrilled. 

"Happy now!!!"

Then the rain let up and the smile returned. 

Slam Dunk

Hannah B. shoots, and she scores during this group date with members of the Bolton Celtics. 


The reality TV star bundles up for an adventure with her suitors on the east coast. 


We can't wait to see the many on-trend ensembles she rocks throughout her season. 

Pre-Date Selfie

"So far it's all smiles," host Chris Harrison teases of Hannah's experience on The Bachelorette.

All That Glitters

No first night jitters here! Hannah prepares to meet the 32 men vying for her attention.

Up, Up and Away

The proud University of Alabama alum takes flight early on in her journey to find love. 

Everything's Coming Up Roses

The 24-year-old flashes her signature smile for cameras.

First Group Date

Hannah bonds with her lucky suitors on their first group date of the season.

Roller Derby Darling

There's no denying sparks are flying between Hannah B. and her guys!

The Look of Love

Something tells us the reality TV star is well on her way to an engagement. 

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, May 13 on ABC.