NeNe Leakes Is So Over Real Housewives Reunions and Her "Boring" Castmates

Leakes spills to E! News about her huge fight with the "lying" Cynthia Bailey.

By Lauren Piester Apr 12, 2019 8:03 PMTags
Watch: NeNe Leakes Says Cynthia Bailey Is "Lying Through Her Teeth"

NeNe Leakes may claim the Housewives reunions were her idea, but she sure does regret that idea now. 

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star sat down with E! News and expressed what everyone and their mother apparently already knows: she hates those reunions. 

"One thing I can say very openly is that I do not like the reunion," she says in the video above. "It's not a secret to any of my cast members, it's not a secret to my producers, it's not a secret to Andy Cohen. They all know how I feel about it. I was actually the person who basically created the reunion. I went to Andy Cohen one day and said, 'let's have a reunion,' and I hate I ever said that, because we've been having a reunion ever since!" 

Leakes says she doesn't go into the reunions with any sort of strategy, but she just knows how they're going to go, so she's prepared. 

"I don't like it, so when I walk out, I know that the gun is pointed at me," she say. "So it's not like anything that I'm excited to do." 

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Leakes is currently in the midst of a fight with multiple other ladies, including Cynthia Bailey, particularly over an event that Cynthia claimed she didn't know Kenya was going to be attending, when in fact she was caught saying she did know. 

"The best way I can explain it is over the years, they've always played me as the villain, and I've always been the villain. Somebody's got to be the villain, right? They've always played Cynthia as this nice person, so it's easy for them to point their fingers at me. Your eyes ain't fooling you. Cynthia did exactly what she did, and what's crazy is she cut me, and she's really out here acting like she's the one that's bleeding. It's crazy to me. And it's easy for everybody to be like, it's NeNe, NeNe did it. Trust everything I'm telling you. She is lying through her teeth. That girl is lying to you, I'm telling you, she is lying with no issue at all, she is lying. She's out here doing damage control, she's running around here saying NeNe is a toxic friend, an unhealthy friend to be in a relationship with. A toxic friend? I'm blown away." 

NeNe does not mince words as she continues her rant about Cynthia, and you'll have to hit play above to hear the entire two-minute speech and her declaration that she doesn't want to be friends with any of these "boring" girls. Trust us, it's worth a watch. 

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