A Tearful Anne Heche Needs a Break After Tyler Henry Connects With Her Late Brother on Hollywood Medium

The famed medium moves the Chicago P.D. actress to tears after connecting with her late brother

By Alyssa Ray Apr 17, 2019 3:00 PMTags
Watch: Anne Heche Needs a Break After Connecting to Late Brother

Moved to tears.

In this clip from Thursday's all-new Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, Anne Heche finds herself overwhelmed with emotions after Tyler Henry connects with her late brother Nathan. Not only does Tyler touch upon Anne's brother's past struggles, but the spirit (through Tyler) acknowledges that his death helped the Chicago P.D. actress get out of a dire situation.

"His death is the reason I moved from New Jersey to Chicago," Anne confirms during the reading. "I do believe that it was the universe…that something extraordinary needed to happen to get me out of what would certainly be my death—if I continued to live with my mother in that space."

While the spirit feels he did not have a "fair shot at life," Tyler states that Nathan only has love for Anne.

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"The amount of love that comes through for you is intense," the famed clairvoyant assures the My Friend Dahmer actress.

Understandably, this remark moves Anne to tears, who hopes her "make-up artist used waterproof mascara." In fact, an emotional Anne decides to take a brief break to pull herself together.

"Sorry. I'm gonna just go off camera for a second," Anne states to the crew. "Okay? I'd like to just go off camera."

During touch ups, Anne comments on how "specific" Tyler's words are. "Not everybody has a team of people that swarm in after I've connected to my brother," Heche jokes. "I've only waited for 49 years, no big deal!"

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After composing herself, a "grateful" Anne joins Tyler once more to complete the reading. As Tyler continues, he reveals that the spirit is proud of Anne for speaking out about mental health issues and more.

"He's proud that you've been able to talk about these things and discuss these things, because you're doing it for him too," Tyler concludes. "And he appreciates that."

Watch the emotional reading for yourself in the clip above!