Dirty Pop? More Like Dirty Con! Lance Bass Reveals He Lost Almost $100 Million Thanks to "Crazy Criminal" Lou Pearlman

By Alyssa Ray Apr 10, 2019 10:40 PMTags
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"I've never really thought about it too hard…but, I mean, I would say close to $100 million," the 39-year-old singer admitted. "You gotta understand, 'N Sync at the time was a billion-dollar business. A billion a year. So, you know, do the math!"

Per Bass, The Boy Band Con takes a journalistic approach to the life and death of Pearlman and is a "cautionary tale" that we all need to be reminded of. While Lance previously carried around anger for "crazy criminal" Pearlman, he admitted that making this documentary was a cathartic experience.

"I got to release a lot of that stress and I actually have this forgiveness for him," the On the Line actor noted. "Because, when you watch this film at the end, you're going to feel the way we feel."

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Ultimately, Lance is only looking to the future now as he confessed that he and husband Michael Turchin are going to be dads very soon. However, their road to baby hasn't been a seamless one.

"We were so ignorant thinking like, 'Oh! We're gonna get the surrogate in like a day and our donor's gonna work.' No. We're on donor no. 7 right now," the industry vet concluded. "But it looks like this is gonna be the one. So, this is as close as we've ever gotten and we could be very close to being pregnant."

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