When The Big Bang Theory Ends, Its Characters Will Live On

No atomic bombs will be going off in the series finale of the long-running CBS sitcom

By Lauren Piester Apr 08, 2019 9:38 PMTags
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Just in case you were worried, The Big Bang Theory is not going to kill off all its characters in its series finale.

Game of Thrones might do it, but it sounds like Big Bang is sticking to the more traditional sitcom ending as it says goodbye this spring. 

"I will say the one thing about how they've approached the whole season: When we learned that this was to be the last season…writers have approached it, not so much as the show is wrapping up and we'll never see them again and the finality of it all. It's going to be the last episode and it's going to end, but people's lives still go on," Director Mark Cedrowski said during a panel at Deadline's The Contenders Emmys on Sunday. "The characters will be giving the idea that their lives continue on. It's not going to be an atomic bomb where things blow up and you never see anybody again." 

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That said, Cedrowski also revealed that as of Sunday, the finale hadn't been totally written, but has been outlined. So theoretically, anything could happen. 

One thing that's likely not happening any time soon is another spinoff, or at least one involving Raj. Kunal Nayaar said he's ready to move on. 

"I'm taking those cargo pants and burning them," he said. "I need a little bit of a break, as much as I'd miss playing that character. I'm ready to move onto different things now." 

When E! News talked to Kaley Cuoco last month, she explained that the finale will be shot a little differently from typical episodes, which are filmed mostly in front of an actual audience. 

"We're actually going to pre-shoot the whole thing, so we'll have shot it, and then we will have an audience taping," she said on E!'s Daily Pop. "That was probably because they knew I'd be crying the entire time. So we still want the audience experience...so we're gonna still do the audience, but we will have taped it and shot it beforehand, so if the tears come unexpectedly, then that's just what's going to happen, because I guarantee you it's going to happen." 

Let's just hope the tears get released in the gag reel! 

The Big Bang Theory airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on CBS. The series finale will air May 16.