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It's good news/bad news time, L Word fans. The good news: We may get to see even more of les girls besides the spinoff (yes, a spinoff). Laurel Holloman (who stars as Tina Kennard) and executive producer Ilene Chaiken teased a possible—wait for it—movie.

Now, the bad news: Fans had better hope for a movie to wrap things up because—Spoiler Alert!—it's not happening on Sunday's series closer. That's right. The big cliffhanger of "Who Killed Jenny?" (Mia Kirshner's character) is left unanswered in a Sopranos-style innocuous way that leaves the viewer thinking, "huh?"

We hit the finale party to get some scoop, and here's what Chaiken and her cast dish on the big two-hour ending...

L Word on the Big Screen: Daniela Sea (who plays transgender Moira/Max Sweeney) spills, "I don't think much closure comes of this finale. I think it's more a suspense cliffhanger." Ilene explains why: "Life is open ended. I refuse to say that The L Word is ending, and I want you all to feel that life goes on and that you may well be seeing these characters again, maybe on the spinoff, maybe someplace else." Could this mean that a movie is actually in place? Says Laurel, "I know they are working on it somewhere. Sex and the City made a ton of money. We still feel like we have a following. It would make a good movie."

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Spinning Off as The Farm: After the two-hour finale on Sunday, Alice Pieszecki (Leisha Hailey) is headed for prison for possibly murdering Jenny (frame job!). Laurie Metcalf, Famke Janssen and Melissa Leo join Leisha in the spinoff, which is so far only a 20-minute presentation. "It's a different tone from what I hear. It's darker," says Holloman. Does this mean Alice's girlfriend, Tasha Williams, will show up on The Farm? "Maybe," says Rose Rollins, who plays her. "First you'll have to get through the finale to see if [Alice and Tasha] end up together. If we're not together, what the hell would I be doing at The Farm?"

Who Killed Jenny? "Don't expect to find out who kills Jenny because it's not going to happen," says Katherine Moennig (Shane McCutcheon). Everyone assumes that Alice did the deed since she is the center of the spinoff, but she may have been framed. Ilene says, "Everything is safe to assume, or at least everything is fair to assume."

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Tina and Bette: The last we saw, Jenny had called out Bette (Jennifer Beals) for cheating on Tina (Laurel) after snapping a photo of what appeared to be a very sexual rendezvous with Kelly Wentworth (Elizabeth Berkley). Can their relationship survive? Laurel says, "I think it's probably hard for the audience to see what really happened with Bette [and] how is she going to explain that to Tina, but nothing really happened. It's like that frustrating thing, oh no, there's going to be a massive miscommunication and everything is going to fall apart."

Alice and Tasha: Introducing a third wheel in the final season has thrown Alice and Tasha's relationship for a loop. It's implied that Jamie (Mei Melancon) may actually get the girl! Here's the good news: Mei spilled the ending to me, "The right thing happens. [Alice and Tasha] end up together." Yay!

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Shane, Niki and Jenny: The troubled trio have been going in circles all season. Shane slept with Niki Stevens (Kate French) when Niki was Jenny's girlfriend and now Shane is Jenny's girlfriend. Yes, it's exhausting. Even though Jenny is about to go six feet under, Kate doesn't think Shane and Niki will make a go of a relationship: "I think they always have the constant battle going on as far as they're both very dominatrix. They're used to taking on seductive roles in relationships. I don't think they'd be good in a serious relationship, but they know how to have a good time."

Do you even care who killed Jenny? Would you have killed Jenny too? Hit the comments!

—Reporting by Natalie Abrams

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