Survivor Elimination Amounts to a Hill of Beans

A supersecret alliance continues to form as both Timbira and Jalapao struggle

By Natalie Finn Mar 06, 2009 3:48 AMTags
Survivor TocantinsMonty Brinton / CBS

We had become so used to Timbira's losing ways and Coach's self-serving motivational speeches that we weren't prepared for Jalapao to lose a step on Survivor: Tocantins.

Well, not at first.

But because Exile Island regular Taj Johnson-George is so physically dominant and was the last one standing during tonight's weight-bearing Reward Challenge, she indirectly helped her tribe acquire the ammo that led to the latest elimination.

And apparently Jalapao was more than ready to take a sojourn to Tribal Council.

Monty Brinton / CBS

While Taj was busy sitting in exile with Sierra Reed and filling the slight blonde in on her plan to form a fab foursome along with BFF Brendan Synnott and Jalapaoan Stephen Fishbach, Timbira was busy fretting about what Jalapao would steal from their camp (the reward for winning the first challenge).

J.T. Thomas and Joe Dowdle showed up to grab a sack of beans and one of Timbira's water cans, a selection that ultimately led to Sandy Bergin declaring, "Those are fartin' beans, honey. Those are fartin' beans."

Who knew her tribemates were so sick of hearing Sandy say everything twice?

Then, Timbira solved their Immunity Challenge puzzle faster than Jalapao.

And although J.T. called Sandy the "mother of the crowd"—and loaned her his boxers, apparently—the 53-year-old bus driver was voted off of Survivor: Tocantins, 5-1-1, with Joe and resident vixen Sydney Wheeler keeping it from being unanimous.


Survivor Says So Long to Sandy

Did Jalapao really eliminate their weakest link tonight?
Absolutely: From day one, Sandy had nothing to offer the tribe
Not at all: This was a clear example of ageism and some other really offensive -isms
Whatever: Sandy didn't make 'em lose, but she was just plain annoying