Can Killing Eve Season 2 Top Season 1?

Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer weigh in on the premiere, which airs Sunday, April 7 on BBC America

By Lauren Piester Apr 07, 2019 2:00 PMTags
Watch: Sandra Oh & Jodie Comer Spoil Where "Killing Eve" Picks Up

Sometimes, lightning does strike twice. 

Killing Eve returns this weekend of its sophomore season, the follow up to a hugely successful, critically acclaimed first season that won Sandra Oh a Golden Globe, a SAG Award, and an Emmy nomination, so it's safe to say there's a lot of anticipation among the fans eager to find out what happens next. And while Oh admits she's feeling some pressure, it's out of her control.

The pressure is always there, but it's just something we don't focus on, because you just can't. If you're focusing on that, you're chasing some other ghost, and you're going to be sorely disappointed," she told E! News when we sat down with her and costar Jodie Comer earlier this year. "So we were really concentrated on trying to be truthful in our characters and with each other." 

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As for what happens next, we already heard that the first episode will start about 30 seconds after the end of the season one finale, when Eve stabbed Villanelle, and then Villanelle disappeared, but get ready to go deeper, darker, and for the stakes to be "extremely high." 

Eve didn't really know what she was doing as she was tracking down Villanelle in season one, and you can expect her to similarly not know what she's doing now that Villanelle has taken off, bleeding. 

"She's more blindly confident in her skills of what she thinks she can handle, and for me, the word is darkness," Oh told us. "It's to the limit, and then over it. So even more transparent, even more vulnerable, in both cases." 

Oh says we'll even see Villanelle "in a situation where you can see that she's never imagined the possibility of having been in that situation," which we can tell you is both entertaining and terrifying to watch. 

In fact, that's pretty much what we're all in for with this show in general, especially as we jump into season two and watch Villanelle deal with having been stabbed in a way that only she could. 

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Killing Eve premieres tonight on BBC America.