See Tyler Henry Give Cesar Millan a Message From His Deceased Dog on Hollywood Medium

The famed medium connects with the Dog Whisperer alum's beloved pup

By Alyssa Ray Apr 08, 2019 3:00 PMTags
Watch: Cesar Millan Connects to "Daddy" on "Hollywood Medium"

Man's best friend.

In this clip from Thursday's all-new Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, the popular clairvoyant sits down with Cesar Millan for a reading. As Millan is the famed dog whisperer, it isn't surprising to see Tyler Henry connect to the 49-year-old's late pup Daddy.

"It almost just comes through as more human-like than dog-like," Tyler relays while holding Daddy's collar. "It's really cool."

Ironically, Cesar's fiancée Jahira claims to the Hollywood Medium cameras that the TV personality always felt Daddy was more "like a human."

As he continues, the 23-year-old psychic notes that the other side is referring to the animal as a "gentle giant."

"I'm basically seeing this big dog and I'm seeing a little boy on a big dog," Tyler adds.

"The boys used to do that," Cesar confirms. "Yeah, they used to ride on him."

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Although Daddy looked like an intimidating dog, Cesar is vehement that the animal was naturally very sweet. "His demeanor, his true self, his energy was a gentle giant," Cesar continues. "He was always the most unselfish member of the whole entire pack."

Amid the reading, Tyler assures Cesar that Daddy has a "sense of acceptance" and a "sense of peace" about his death. In fact, Daddy's insight to dying leaves Tyler impressed and a little shocked.

"That's really insightful for me," the Hollywood Medium star admits. "I've never connected with a dog that had that much self-awareness—is kind of the way I'd describe it."

Furthermore, Tyler believes Daddy has a "powerful soul" for a dog. This notion resonates deeply with Cesar, who leaned on Daddy for support during his early years in America.

"I have never disconnected from Daddy. Daddy lives here," Cesar concludes. "He never left here. Not physically here, but they're always inside of me."

Watch the touching reading for yourself in the clip above!