Killing Eve Season 2 Finds Eve and Villanelle's Relationship "Bad in a Bad Way"

Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer weigh in on the fraught, complicated, and "bad" relationship between Eve and Villanelle in season two of the BCCA hit

By Lauren Piester Apr 05, 2019 7:13 PMTags
Watch: Sandra Oh Says "Killing Eve" Season 2 Is "Bad in a Bad Way"

Killing Eve will not be taking its time before jumping right back into the action that ended season one, just in case you were thinking differently. 

Both Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh confirmed to E! News' Will Marfuggi at the show's premiere that season two picks up just about 36 seconds after Eve stabbed Villanelle, then Villanelle tried to shoot Eve before disappearing completely. 

Eve remains unscathed (physically, at least), but Villanelle is not doing well. 

"She's in a bad way," Comer told us. "She's bleeding a lot." 

That makes her escape a whole lot more complicated, which is just about how you can describe everything on this show, including the relationship between Villanelle and Eve, who both want to kill each other but might be too obsessed with each other to actually go through with it. 

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"Especially now with what's happened at the end of series one, I think what will be fascinating for the audience to witness is her reaction to what Eve has done. It may not be what the audience is expecting," Comer says "I think it definitely brings them together in a way, definitely for Villanelle. But yeah, it's complicated." 

Sandra Oh says their connection is almost other-worldly. 

"It's a fraught, and complex and unconscious drive that they have towards each other, because something that each other has, the other needs, and that they are connected in some other realm, and it's kind of like magical, and bad," she says. 

And no, not bad in a good way. Bad in a bad way, as in these two women are trying to murder each other, sometimes, sort of. 

"You'll see what happens in season two," Oh says. "It's bad in a bad way." 

And while yeah, there in the finale, there was a moment where it seemed like Eve and Villanelle were going to hook up, right before Eve pulled out the knife, Oh says she's not interested in defining Eve and Villanelle's connection as a sexual relationship or as anything specific at all. 

"I don't want to narrow their relationship into any kind of box," she says. "That's why I never say what it is...Their relationship is complex in the way that they're, at least for Eve, exploring her sexuality, but not only her sexuality. It's the boundaries and her own limits in every single way, but absolutely that fascination and that connection is definitely there." 

So in other's complicated. And it only gets more complicated, in the best way. 

Killing Eve returns this Sunday on BBC America.