Rihanna, Chris Brown

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Dear Ted:
It is my perception that African-American male stars who have commented on the Rihanna-Chris Brown situation either say it's no big deal or that everyone makes mistakes. It smacks of acceptance of this behavior, and that's not cool. Are they afraid of looking less masculine by admitting this is wrong? Please tell me I'm wrong.

Dear Political Incorrect:
I don't think race is really the case here. I just think a lot of the people who are commenting have met or worked with these two in the past. Let's pray some justice gets served in the hearings.

Dear Ted:
Do you really think Kristen Stewart was a good choice for Twilight? I've seen some of her other work and she is decent in Into the Wild and Panic Room, but I thought she was a little all over the place in Twilight. I think she can grow into a good actress (nothing like how Dakota Fanning will one day rule the Oscar world), but I think they could've cast someone better to play Bella. Who did you picture in the movie? My thought: Kat Dennings would've been a better choice. I know you can't change actors now, but someone needs to begin working with Kristen pronto if they want the audience to relate to her in New Moon. The next few books aren't as Sweet Valley High and will require much more skill.

Dear CAA:
I don't know if I didn't like Kristen in the movie, or if the budget was too small that it just sucked in general (compared to the books that is, chill Twilighters). I think they should have cast an unknown for Bella.

Dear Ted:
Have you ever been the subject of your own Blind Vice tales? Love ya in Texas!
Miss Valerie

Dear Ted's Tails:
Yep. It was the one with Pete Priss-Ass, or something stupid like that.

Dear Ted:
Ted, for Jesus Luz's sake! WTF was that rumor about Robert Pattinson and Paris Hilton at an Oscar afterparty? Did this guy ever learn anything about STD's?

Dear Pussing Paris:
Fear not, hon, I'm reassured there was no Hilton-Pattinson canoodling.

Dear Ted:
What's up with Anne Hathaway? Cheery, high as a kite or just that neurotic? I want to like her, but something seems off.

Dear Pep Overload:
She's no Reese by neurotic means, but she definitely is a perky little thing. She's a good girl tho, but don't worry she still has her fun.

Dear Ted:
What is your take on P. Diddy getting involved in the whole Chris-Rihanna mess? Do you think her handlers are happy with his involvement?
Just curious

Dear Paw-Off Puff:
I think their handlers are in a huge crap storm right now; they don't even know where to start now that these two are back together. I both admire and hate Diddy for getting involved, to answer your query.

Dear Ted:
How does Tom Cruise feel now that both exes Nicole and Penélope have Oscars and he still does not? Maybe if he could pull off a German accent (or even a British accent) he could have been nominated for his last snoozer.

Dear Eyes of Gold:
Judging by his awkward encounter with Cruz pre-Oscar winning, I'm gonna guess he isn't too thrilled. Tom really is a great actor, but he needs to get his roles right.

Dear Ted:
One No-Shame Same-Sex Blind Vice: I'd like to clear Robert Pattinson's good name. Is it Kevin Connolly?

Dear Not Clearing Kev:
Wrong Vice for Connolly, so sorry! His is a diff one.

Dear Ted:
Do you find it odd that Kanye West made comments about being bisexual, denied those comments and is now seen everywhere with his new girlfriend? Something doesn't seem right with this girlfriend.

Dear Duh:
What was the giveaway? The nude shots? Bald head? Bad outfits? I think this is the girl Kanye's been singing about in "Gold Digger" and beyond.

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